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woody: Just wondering15 Feb 2005 00:10
Just wondering, what other bands us queen fans like. I mostly like bands from the seventies and late sixties. Overall, my two favs are Queen and Pink Floyd, and I'm wondering what bands you guys like as well. Basically, who else likes Pink Floyd?
1.Tea Of Deaky 15 Feb 2005 02:35
I don't mind PF, I don't know enough of their repertoire to be able to make an informed decision though, I should really take steps to fix that! I'm a crusader for the bands that it's socially unacceptable to mention in polite conversation - Supertramp, Abba, Kate Bush - mainly because they're able to compose and write in a half decent way, like Queen. They also employ interesting forms and progressions etc., they deserve more recognition! Everyone should go out and buy Crisis? What Crisis? by Supertramp; it's how you do pop-rock.
ps. If anyone has a recording of Benedictus by Max Reger, I'd be much oblidged if they could send it to me at nopeanuts4@hotmail.com. I can't find it anywhere on Kazaa and I don't want to spend vast amounts of money getting it off a cd full of other things that i don't want.
2.Erik 15 Feb 2005 15:54
A like to listen Sting, Beatles, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, various jazz music and of cource some finish music 'cause I'm from Finland. But mostly I listen Queen and the solo recordings from the Queen members.
3.LG 15 Feb 2005 23:17
Well, Ping Floyd is at third place just after Queen and Mike Oldfield.
I don't enjoy the psychidelic early era (but half of Live At Pompeii is very good to me, Echoes rules!). Then Abba, Yanni, Sarah Brightman, Maggie Reilly...
4.Gavin 16 May 2005 22:01
I'm more into guitar solos n stuff, so my faviourite stuff is probubly joe satriani and steve vai... although steve vais stuff can be a bit wierd, but joe satch rocks!!!
5.Daniel 22 May 2005 00:23
I'm more into 60's and something like Blues rock or Rock'nRoll, oldies , Queen is more like an exception,   I like bands like Cream, Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, Mamas & Papas, beach boys,  Blind Faith, Beatles , Stones, Beck Boggart and Appice, Bob Dylan, Who, Elvis , Derek and the dominos, Janis Joplin,  Perkins, Henrdix, Zeppelin , Ray Charles, Robert Jonhson, Yarbirds , Zombies ......
6.woody 25 May 2005 20:29
Hey - does anyone listen to/heard (more than one song of) Thunderclap Newman? I'm gonna buy their album soon - they were the ones who did Something In The Air (was going to be called 'Revolution' if it wasnt for the Beatles!). Just wondering whether it was any good. Cheers for replying people bt the way.
7.woody 15 Jun 2005 00:18
Fleetwood Mac are my current favourites, I bought their "Very Best Of... (UK)" album a couple of weeks back. Stevie Nicks is amazing! Good guitar by Buckingham as well. I really want to delve deeper, especially after hearing songs like Tusk, The Chain, Landslide, Rhiannon, Black Magic Woman, Little Lies, Family Man, Big Love (live)...............Seven Wonders...all the good ones!!!
Ah well.
8.George Prentis 22 Aug 2012 20:19
 I would say Queen are my favourite but apart from that I listen to the Bee Gees (not just their disco, there other stuff is just as good, if not better), Phil Collins (good as he sang from the heart, in both pop and rock), Abba (sentimental, tense stuff!), The Beatles (well, doesn't everyone) and Bowie (favourite singer-songwriter). Just like Tea of Deaky said, I only know Another Brick In The Wall by PF, nothing else so I can't say much! 
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