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angel: Paparazzi (Lady GaGa) - a new beginning?07 Aug 2009 16:12

Hey there, I know that I might be considered a heretic, but...

Recently, Denes put there his brief analysis of some contemporary hits. And the results are catastrophic. It is catastrophe in my humble opinion too...

Anyway, today I noticed a very interesting thing... In Lady Ga Ga´s Paparazzi there are three different parts, the melody is quite nice and progressive, I dare to say (maybe Denes could try his melody content measuring), also there are very nicely arranged vocals with some nicely sounding major seconds. But above all, the main thing is: OH MY F**KING GOD, THERE IS A MODULATION!!! (Cm verse -> Ab chorus)...

Could this song be FINALLY a start of something new in today´s commercially-oriented pop culture? Do you like it too?

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1.angel 07 Aug 2009 16:22

... Just a short conclusion. It´s quite likely that she is influenced by Queen... At least her nickname is saying so...

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2.Sebastian 08 Aug 2009 14:37

The nickname wasn't chosen by her, and there's been a lot of great post-'91 music. And a song doesn't need to have modulations to be a good one.

3.angel 08 Aug 2009 20:01

hmm... lots of great post 91 music? maybe, but not post 01, I´d say. And it was not just about modulation, I mentioned more things... But all right, you don´t agree, that´s ok :-)

4.PD 09 Aug 2009 06:54

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but Lady Gaga's Paparazzi is songwriting-wise as generic
as any other hit song nowadays. Except the modulation perse.

The form is pure cliche':

   Intro | Verse | Verse'| Chorus (AAAA) |
re-Intro | Verse | Verse'| Chorus |
                | Bridge | Chorus | Outro (intro) |

The phrasing is foursquered throughout.
I heard the song first time now, and before the Bridge I could totally expect
that a bridge must coming. A bridge that happens to be 8 bar long.

Melody-wise (and rhythm-wise) the song is not very original IMO, it reminds me
of other hit songs. For example "with a picture of you its so magical" melodic phrase
reminded me of "Like A Virgin".


Creative detail is that the intro starts with the pretension creating VI chord in its first inversion. The root refers to the homekey to be stablished soon.

The verse has two - three chords:
the first ones I - VI
the second ones are closed with a iv chord instead of i. That chord is pivoting to
the key of key of VI. (iv of c-minor = vi of Ab) this is a nice detail, a relatively
rare - (eg. Für Elise) type of modulation.
Another interesting detail is tritone motif at the end of the verse.

The chorus four chords: I > V > vi > IV

which happens to be one of the top-10 most overused cliches.
The chorus repeats it 4 times AAAA. Melody wise AABA.
The verse: CCCDEE


The vocal harmonies indeed feature momentary dissonances but beside these moments the arrangement is basic.

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5.PD 09 Aug 2009 07:07

Let's see one of my fav. pop-songs from the last years (2005).
Arash featuring Rebecca: Temptation In My Heart.


The form is a combination of generic and creative details.

Chorus AA | Intro | Verse BB | pre-chorus | Chorus |
       | re-Intro | Verse    | pre-chorus | Chorus | Bridge CC |
         | Break: DDE - F - pre-chorus - G | Chorus | Chorus | DD |

the creative detail is the long  Break.

The verses share the same chord progression with the choruses, in the neighbour minor key.
The chord progression is something like this:

i > IV > iv > VII > i > VI > VII  >  i

The IV >i v change is one of the most charming detail of the song. We know this gambit  mostly from major key songs.


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