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angel: My diploma project - outline15 Aug 2008 21:03


Hey Guys,

I´m gonna try to change this little boredom here. Some of you already know about my Queen-oriented diploma project, whose main sources would be this site, including the forum, and of course, the work of Denes´s and Seb´s. Well, this is my very first rough draft of outline of that work. Please! Add any comment you find worth it. Whatever comes to your mind. Do you think it´s a good/bad layout? Are there any things missing/redundant? ... Just... Tell me anything... Thanks a lot, guys, cheers...




1)      Introduction

a)      My personal reasons and motive (must be mentioned the connections – Denes, Seb, etc, unusual unofficial sources etc)

b)      The question of the two-way diversity of music in Czech republic (artificial/non-artifical) (resources!)


2)      Comparation and analyses

a)      Relevant context and data (sources?)

i)        introduction (why, what must be said, their knowledge and education, etc..

ii)       The then popular music (resources)

iii)     Farrokh Bulsara

iv)     Dr. Brian Harold May

v)      Roger Meddows Taylor, BSc

vi)     John Richard Deacon, BSc

b)      Work

i)        Four artists

(1)   Freddie Mercury as a composer and performer

(2)   Brian May as a composer and performer

(3)   Roger Taylor as a composer and performer

(4)   John Deacon as a composer and performer

ii)       Modulations (+audio and sheet appendices)

(1)   ...

(2)   ...etc

iii)     Musical forms (analyses?)

iv)     Direct quotations from the artificial pieces (+audio and sheet appendices)

v)      Harmonic progressions (+audio and sheet appendices)

vi)     Interpretation (+audio appendices)

(1)   Live performances

(2)   The members´ vocal skills (+ audio appendices)

(a)    Freddie Mercury

(i)      in the studio

1.      lead

2.      backing

(ii)    in concert

(b)   Brian May

(c)    Roger Taylor

c)      Lyrics analyses

i)        intertextuality

ii)       ? other ?

d)      Bohemian Rhapsody (+audio and sheet appendices)

i)        Analysis

ii)       My arrangement SATB+piano – a record

e)      The album Barcelona

i)        ? the division ?

3)      The conclusion

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1.Sebastian 17 Aug 2008 14:00

I like it, it's well-planned and organised. An advice: Freddie's vocal skills can also be separated by 'lead' and 'backing', since he did loads of things on both areas  (actually he sang more BV for Queen than Roger and Brian), and the actual approach was different, especially in terms of multi-tracking.

2.angel 17 Aug 2008 14:25

That´s a great suggestion! Actually, I planned to put that under the "harmonic progressions" or Freddie Mercury as a composer, but your version is much more logical... So I´ll make a correction in the root post. Thanks

3.PD 07 Oct 2008 05:32

Wow. I was terribly late to get informed about this work in progress. Is there any news and more details?

4.angel 15 Nov 2008 10:44

Thanks for your interest, Denes. Eventhough, being very busy these days doesn´t enable me to work hard on it, it can be said that the thesis got its sharper image in my head, so when I finally get to it, I know what to write, that´s what´s positive. What´s not, is that due to lack of time I must write it all in Czech and then, after all (in spring or summer), I will translate it to English as a whole. So you will be waiting for quite a lot of time to get it... I´m sorry for that, but I promise I will do that :-) Btw. I´ve begun with your "Queen anomaly" article, Denes :) cos I know that this was the beginning of or "Queen-analysing carier" for you to :) and it looks good. I hope I will manage to win some more time for it in the future, cos I´m also working on my forthcoming diploma concert at our music department (one part of it will be also Bohemian Rhapsody with a kind of mixture of three big choirs, so the cooperation won´t be easy at all... :-/ So that´s briefly what the situation is... I sometimes take a look here, so if anyone of you gets an idea about what should be concluded or whatever, don´t hesitate to tell.

Cheers, guys
Fil Tailor

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