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Sebastian: Proto-Ideas11 May 2008 23:55

Well, the plan is to compile here, songs that may have influenced the Queen catalogue in either arrangements, theme, melody, title or whatever:

Keep Yourself Alive: Smoke on the Water has a similar concept for the intro.

My Fairy King: Some lyrics are almost directly quoted from 'Pied Piper'. Note that Stairway to Heaven has some nods to it as well.

Jesus: JC Superstar...

Father to Son: Brian commented there were 'obvious' Who influences there, but no idea how or why

White Queen: Lyrically, Robert Graves; musically, maybe some Victorian-era things.

Master-Stroke: Well...

Nevermore: Beach Boys-esque piano 'ring'

Funny How Love Is: Beach Boys-like wall of sound

Brighton Rock: Maybe George Formby's Blackpool Rock, although I'd love to listen to it to confirm. Reportedly, Blackpool Rock was one of this song's working titles.

Killer Queen: Early Beatles, Noel Coward...

Tenement Funster: Something there sounds very 'glam-generic', but I don't know why

Lily: Obvious Shakespearean reference ('my kingdom for a horse')

Lap of the Gods: The opening piano harmony is a transposed Tristan chord (half-a-step up).

Misfire: Beatles-esque in mix and some functions

Leroy Brown: Each time I think about it, it seems less barbershop-esque than I'd thought. Well, this one goes to the PS, but no idea about how.

Bo Rhap: Intro lead melody is VERY similar to Alice Cooper's Only Women Bleed. And think about it: at the time Queen were in America in 1975, that song was really famous. Plus, Fred and Alice were friends and they were aware of each other.

God Save the Queen: Hendrix played both Star-Splanged Banner and this one. Brian must've heard it, or Roger & Freddie.

Rock You: I don't know... the army maybe?

Sidewalk: Eric Clapton, apparently.

It's Late: Beer Drinkers ... or something like that.

Ga Ga - Machines: Video Killed the Radio Star (1979), Mr Roboto (1983)

Innuendo: Love Song... maybe

Bijou: Where Were You

Show Must Go On: Pink Floyd's namesake, maybe?

A Winter's Tale: Winter in July, maybe?



Seven Seas is one of my big doubts. Frankly, I can't think of any proto-idea for this one.

1.angel 12 May 2008 12:35

About Seven Seas... In the early days, there was some book whose name I remember not :), and which Freddie was supposed to illustrate. And it was a book of some fantasy tales or whatever, and from that book, he took lots of ideas for his early lyrics (Fairy King, Great King Rat, Seven Seas, Lily etc.) Anybody´s got some further information????

BTW, The "Show Must Go On" - connection with Pink Floyd is IMO just a coincidence because there had been much time between The Wall and Innuendo (about ten years) and even the context is very different

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