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PD: Queen Songwriting Analysis - reworked09 Nov 2007 09:21

As the book project had been cancelled, I would like to turn the project into an on-line "book".
The side menu bar would navigate between the chapters.

I'll discuss with Libi how and when we can implement this plan.

Many chapters are more or less completed, others are waiting for revisement.
The status of material will be set back to public.

Once the whole material had completed, a PDF version is going to edited.

The table of contents:


 what is it all good for?
 Project History

Music theory in nutshell
  Chord notation used in the analyses
  The degrees of notes
  Chord functions
  Keys, Sharps and flats, neighbour keys
  Guitar friendly and piano-friendly keys
  Modulations, key changes

   parallel key modulations
   relative key modulations
   neighbour key modulations
   Combined modulations
   Step-up/down modulations
   Unusual modulations
   Pivot Modulation

  Cliche chord progressions

  Metrical modulations, metrical anomalies
  Disorienting Rhythms

 General aesthatics of popular and rock music
Repetitions and variants
The members of Queen, Their influencial backround

  Brian May
  Roger Taylor
  Freddie Mercury
  John Deacon

 Their evolution as musicians and songwriters.
  Brian May
  Roger Taylor
  Freddie Mercury
  John Deacon

Songwriting Analyses
 Smile (6)
 "No Synth" era
  Queen II
  Sheer Heart Attack
  A Night At The Opera
  A Day At The Races
  News Of The World
  Live performances

 Modern-era Queen
  The Game
  Flash Gordon
  Hot Space
  A Kind Of Magic
  Made In Heaven
  No One But You
  Live Performances

 Special instruments
 Speical effects
 Special playing techniques
 Classical quotes
 Musical terms

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1.LG 09 Nov 2007 17:25

Sad news...
Actually I feel it as a shame of Queen people, which are not even interested in such project. I have mentioned to Denes ask Brian for any help or even comment, but as he reported, he had never get any reply from Brian. And Brian is replying on every single stupid question very often...

So let's go to make it on-line.

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2.LG 09 Nov 2007 18:18

I have edited your text to highlight the tree structure and layers.

3.Sebastian 09 Nov 2007 20:05

QP wouldn't even take the risk of releasing a 70s concert on DVD, they've become a bunch of cowards in that sense.

I've got the naïve thought that, when this project gets all the promotion it deserves, Dr May will be able to notice that and at least make some comments, or even offer some gems. Can you imagine what Denes would do with access to archives, mastertapes and demos?

4.PD 10 Nov 2007 05:37

Libi, I edited out the JB comment from your post. Publicly I dont want to get him blamed here. Lets put it more diplomatic way:
we dont understand him.

As for Brian. My message was already blocked by the editors suggesting that I should decrease the number of question (originally 5-6 as I remember). Then I choose 1 or 2 of them, but still no reply received. But it did not shock me. I knew that only the lucky ones get reply. I was not lucky, as simple as that.

As for the book project misery: it was a slow process, so it didnt shock me either. There were some weeks when the chances seemed to be better, but no. OK, that's all folks, plan "B" is activated.

For the public it's not a big loss as they get the material free on-line. Financially it's a loss for me of course. In Print-on-demand publishing I could receive ca 10 dollars by selling a book. I expected 1000-1000  pcs for both volumes. You can do the math.

As for promotion: once the site is re-shaped, and all the analyses are visible again, we have better chances to get recognised. Recently this site could not provide too much except the four taster analyses.

As for me getting access to the archive:
One day (if we are still alive by that time) everyone of us will have the relevant part of the archives, similarly as Pollack got the Beatles Anthologies. Yes, It would be definitely good for the analyses, but it's far more hopeless than getting a permission.

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