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Sebastian: Sheer Heart Attack26 Feb 2007 16:51
'Brighton Rock':

> between the two solo fills Brian plays the "Hendrix" chord (which is, in fact, not Hendrix's invention

Could you explain that further?


'Killer Queen'

> they made a less complex and more "catchy" album

Are you sure about that? I mean, 'II' is more instantly "wow-able", but I think 'Sheer Heart Attack' is averagely more complex: things like 'Lap Of The Gods' intro, 'Leroy Brown' arrangement(both vocal and instrumental), the use of canon ('Now I'm Here', 'Brighton Rock') and Roger's songwring are notably more sophisticated than 'II'. Instrumental parts are more technically demaning as well, and so are vocals (Roger's screams on 'Lap' for instance).

> Note that the fingersnaps (as well as some unidentified noise) can still be heard.

What sort of noise do you mean?


'Flick Of The Wrist':

> A characteristic part of the arrangement is the lead guitar fills that sound like played backwards

Because they are, aren't they?


'Now I'm Here':

> The outro drops (?) the piano

It doesn't, as far as I remember.


'Lap Of The Gods'

Do you know anything about other songwriters using "I > idim" or "i > idim" chord-changes? I'm trying to think but haven't had much luck...


'Stone Cold Crazy'

I'm trying to think about influences for this one too, but no idea. This one's not as Zeppelin-esque as other early songs.



Am I the only one who thinks the solo is quite similar to the one in 'Octopus's Garden'?


'Leroy Brown'

> Its rhythm is tad difficoult to transcribe as it starts with a 3+3+2 pattern of
paino arpeggio. This beat map may help you getting oriented

I think it'd be better if you separated left and right hands of the piano on the beat-map, since it's interesting to notice the interaction. And that breaks does deserve to be on sheet as well :)

1.PD 27 Feb 2007 21:22
The Hendrix chord is 076780 in tab. Chord-wise: E7b9

Killer Queen: I may rephrase many things on that.
Fingersnaps = fingerclicks. Not only in the intro but also afterwards you can catch it.
Gonna check the 5.1 version...

Flick: yes a part of the solos are backwards. But not all of them I suppose.
"Lap of Gods": Idim: this must be something common. Not in rock music though...

Zeppelin: I cant remember: did they sing any harmonies ever?

Octopus: maybe the tone of the guitar. That is a predominantly pentatonic solo (one of my favourite to play). Misfire solo is dominated by triadic fragments and the backing chords are more "complex".
2.Sebastian 27 Feb 2007 23:57
Zeppelin did have some harmonies (mostly by Jonesy, who's got a very nice voice). Jimmy sings in 'Whole Lotta Love'. Come to think of it, 'Stone Cold Crazy' is reminiscent of some tracks in 'II'...
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