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Mugre: Lucky Man10 Feb 2006 04:25

Lucky Man

Translated by Sebastian. Analized by Mugre.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer on "Emerson, Lake & Palmer" (1970)
written By Greg Lake
Meter: 6/8
Key: G Major

| Intro | Verse - Chorus || Verse - Chorus || Bridge |

| Verse - Chorus || Solo || Outro ||

Verse:  G   D   G  Dsus4
        I   V   I   V

Chorus: Am  Em  D  Dsus4
        ii  vi  V   ´´

Bridge: G   D   G  Dsus2
        I   V   I   V

Solo:   (Verse and Chorus)

Outro:  F

During the first verse acoustic guitar can be heard between arpeggios and strumming from Greg Lake and a simple rhythmic pattern by Carl Palmer on drums. Chorus continues with the same instruments and a double-tracked Gred harmony.
During second verse, Greg's bass can be perceived, fullfilling the rhythmic support with the drums. In the middle of the stanza the bass goes up an octave and then down again during the chorus.
Second chorus has a particular octave bass
The bridge, even if it's maintaining the same support, overlooks the use of Dsus4 replacing it by D or, ocassionally, Dsus2. About voices, a double tracked Greg-sung choir can be heard. Emerson, meanwhile, starts subtly playing with his Moogs.
Third verse conserves the basic structure and arrangements from the second one. You can observe that Lake's guitar strumming dissapear, being fully replaced by arpeggios. An electric guitar enters with a little vibrato, played by Lake, with a Moog doubling it unisono.
Keith Emerson's moog solo shows his virtuosism and quality at the moment he executes his instrument. We watch an Emerson playing so much with scales. Bass has dropped the octave playing and changes to pedal. Drums go on with their simple pattern and guitar coordinates arpeggios and strumming again.

This is my first work, so it's incomplete and it's very bassic, as you can see. I'm learning with a nice teacher (He told me his name was Mr S). So please don't kill me, because I know where do you live :)... And i speak only spanish, so Sebast, eh, Mr S, will translate my analizes till I learn some brutish english

1.PD 10 Feb 2006 11:50
Nice work Mugre!

Wellcome to the Song Analysis forum. Nice article. Especially for a debut. I personally miss the phrase/chords tables, because (for me at last) they help to get a "grip" on the sections. After the header part I always start my analysis process with these tables.

Keep on postin/analysisng!
2.Mugre 10 Feb 2006 16:27
Thank you very much, I'm really proud to be in this forum (Sorry but i can't say no more in english, and please sorry it)
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