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Sebastian: Wanted it to be a surprise but...20 Jul 2005 00:55
Dear Forum:

I couldn't resist to share my plans for Bechstein Debauchery - I hope those ones are for real. My idea is to make it the ultimate source about the Innuendo album. The core of the site is going to be an in-depth analysis of each one of the twelve gems of 'Innuendo', including cross-references, modulations ... just like the great analysis PD's done here.

Notably, as previously, quotes from the band and involved crew about the songs, some useless yet brilliant trivia about dates and stuff (e.g. important football matches the day each of the singles was released or who won Nobel prize that year), bios of the unsung heroes (Steve Howe, David Richards, Mike Moran), detailed info about the studios in which they recorded - including how to get there with maps and everything - and the instruments they employed - including what happened to them now.

New sections include one about the album as a whole, including comments on the way the order was sequenced, the signs of evolution compared to their 80s stuff, the "repartition" of songwriting credits. Once it's online (in few months, I hope, some people in this forum have experienced how hard it is to make an in-depth analysis of a song, let alone an album), I'll try to expand it by, of course, correcting mistakes, polishing each page, but adding more premises as well, for instance:

- Info on the videos (bios of the directors, the studios used, comments about the photography and stuff)

- Analyses - at least briefly - on influential songs or albums both from Roger, John, Freddie and Brian, and from other artists as well (personally I find The Wall could/must have inspired a lot of Innuendo, as well as Tesla's Controversy album), as well as other masterpieces of the 1990/1991 musical milieu (e.g. Use Your Illusion, Achtung Baby, Robin Hood's Soundtrack).

As soon as the web can be the ultimate database about the Innuendo album I'll try my best for ambiscious projects, very difficult to achieve but you can't blame me for trying:

- Getting Mike Moran, Steve Howe and/or David Richards to check the site and perhaps ask them for an exclusive interview in behalf of the "Society of Non-Beatles Rock Music Research".

- Pushing Queen Productions or a tv channel (e.g. BBC) to produce a documentary on the Innuendo album (I don't know if some of you have watched the one made about Dark Side, extraordinary, I loved it and that's the day I thought "there should be one of those about Innuendo").

Of course both ideas are very difficult but - call me idealist - not impossible. Remember the lyrics "you can be anything you want to be".

Another reason behind this decision is the fact I've always been dissapointed by the quality of my previous Bechstein Debaucheries. Getting so many songs, so many "facts", so many instruments into one single web is something that takes time, and I'm not speaking about weeks or months... so I prefer to focus on just one album, then it'll be easier to correct all the mistakes, focus on each little bit (remember the "zoom into any part" metaphore), and someday, when the project is already finished and all these ambiscious plans are completed, I can move on to the next one (The Game, probably).

Any additions, suggestions and/or comments are 100% welcome.
1.PD 20 Jul 2005 13:17
At last some exciting news about B.D. page. Frankly!
2.Sebastian 20 Jul 2005 14:49
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