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Daniel: Smile - Step on Me20 Jun 2005 02:09
Does somebody know the chords of Step on me?  ,maybe an analysis could be cool also to variate Queen a bit.
1.BrianMay 20 Jun 2005 23:54
and the Beatles bit :P
2.Daniel 28 Jun 2005 03:42

Well ,  as i couldn't find much help here,  i had to use my own ear     , so here it is,    please at least try to make sure it's ok or try to find any error or correction , probably it needs it   ,  i have my thoughts about those G D riffs, not really sure

Step On Me

Intro G D, G D, G   D, G  G


D           D/Db        F#m
Know what I said when I saw you crying
Em             G    A    
Hang on that's fooolly
      D           D/Db        F#m
I was reeking the head I believed your lying
Em                     G    A
You're just a bad memory

D    A    G                F#m        Em
My    life was going to be better
D    A    G        G  D  G D  G   D     G    G  D      G/B D/A , G/B D/A, G/B   D/A, G  G
My     why could I never ever see she'd step on me

G/B D/A , G/B D/A, G/B   D/A, G  G

D    D/Db  Bm   D    D/Db  Bm   D   D/Db  Bm  
Step on    me,  Step on    me,  Step on    me

Interlude/Guitar Solo:
Bm  F#m  F   Em , Bm  F#m  F   Em , F Em A

  G  D  G D  G   D     G    G      D
I never ever see she'd step on me

Well I talked to your friend just the other day
I was gonna look and raise a smile
And she hid a smile and she ain't like you
Been asleep from all the journeys a little while
My life was going to be better
My why could I never ever see she'd step on me

Now it's so good I won't waste my time
On a two year old picture of you
Oh now that you're gone everything's fine
But you probably think that we're through
My life was going to be better
My why could I never ever see she'd step on me

3.Bohardy 29 Jun 2005 22:26
That looks pretty much spot-on to me Daniel. It certainly works if you play it.

A few minor points though...

If you're in D (as this song is) then the 7th degree of the scale is C# rather than Db.

Off the top of my head, I think your A chord under "fooolly" should actually be an Em, but I may be wrong, and either chord will 'work'.
4.Daniel 30 Jun 2005 02:29
Yes,  also thank you for your help.        Well, the Db was really because its very hard to find the # symbol on my keyboard ;)    , and about the Em on the forsti time in the verse, you're probably right,  i'm sure second time it's an A , but it's curious that the bass play a figure of B and E on what should be guitar chords G and A or G and Em   .   I'm really not absolutely sure but you're probably right, thanks    
Somebody else knows any correction?  maybe more 7th chords.
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