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Sebastian: Keys& modulations in Queen-related songs17 Jun 2005 16:21
My idea here is to make a database of key changes, modal switches and simply key and pitch sets in Queen songs. It's long and ambiscious but possible. For a start:



Intro: F Mix (2 flats) to A Mix (2 sharps): Shift

At the end of the intro, I tend to interpret it as a modal switch to A Dorian (1 sharp), considering the pitch set (C and D chords). Then back to F Mixolydian (2 flats).

F Mixolydian (2 flats) to D (2 sharps), strange

Break: D to E (step) and back. Strange that Brian praised Fred's use of step modulation if he had applied it before in songs like White Queen and this one
1.BrianMay 17 Jun 2005 16:58
What is (step)?  shift of 1 whole note?  

Is there some kind of english>dutch translator for musical words?
2.Sebastian 18 Jun 2005 14:48
Two semitones, but not shifting
3.BrianMay 20 Jun 2005 23:55
What is a shift? when a riff and chords and everything is transposed a certain amount of semitones?
4.Sebastian 22 Jun 2005 04:11
Yes. eg: Keep Yourself Alive at the end, Show Must Go On in the "whatever" verse, And I Love Her from the solo onwards...
5.PD 22 Jun 2005 19:59
We could sort the songs by modulation types. Some songs will be appearing in more groups.
We have to be careful at songs like Mustapha. That one I am also going to revise.
By the way: the articles (DOTL, WQ, MMB, NOBY) are slowly being completted.
6.Sebastian 26 Jun 2005 22:42
What do you think about Ogre Battle? the riff is quite confusing since it uses both F and F#, it's almost entirely clear that the key is Em/G except in the last one when they end up screaming the D Minor chord, to my ears for some reason A sounds like the tonic.

Btw, in your opinion, which key is the bridge in?
7.PD 27 Jun 2005 18:18
Ogre Battle (intro) for firts look I interpret being in A mixolydian (with F#). Then the Verse is in G. I may be wrong.
8.Sebastian 29 Jun 2005 17:28
Slightly Mad I interpret as being in Ebm during the intro and first part of the verse (though the 7th degree is raised), then Eb (parallel modulation). The weirdest part is the "it finally happened" bit. I interpret it as being now in Db even if that chord doesn't appear. Otoh, to my ears the Gb>Fm progression gives a IV>iii sensation similarly to the intro of Space Oddity. Then there's a dissonance (Adim7) which is resolved by the appearance of the relative (Abm), only that it's got 6th so it acts as pivot chord to be back in Ebm. A very witty solution.
9.Sebastian 23 Jul 2005 20:45
I > bII:

- Bo Rhap Galileo: A to Bb
- It's A Beautiful Day: D to Eb
- The Millionaire Waltz final break: Cb to C


I > II

- Barcelona: Db to Eb
- Bo Rhap ending: Eb to F
- Drowse bridge: D to E
- Green: D to E
- In The Lap Of The Gods: Bb to C
- It's A Hard Life: Ab to Bb
- Keep Yourself Alive break: D to E
- Killer Queen bridge: Eb to F
- My Life Has Been Saved: C to D
- No One But You: C to D
- Ogre Battle: G to A
- Seven Seas Of Rhye: C to D
- The Fallen Priest: Db to Eb
- The Miracle 2nd verse: Db to Eb


I > bIII

- Action chorus: D to F
- Bicycle bridge-chorus transition: F to Ab
- Driven By You: G to Bb
- Father To Son: E to G
- Hammer To Fall break: A to C
- Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow bridge: B to D
- Modern Times Rock N' Roll: E to G
- Ogre Battle solo: A to C
- Princes Of The Universe last chorus: A to C
- Scandal: G to Bb
- Thank God It's Christmas: E to G
- The Miracle chorus: Eb to Gb



- A Winter's Tale last verse: F to A
- Back To The Light: Ab to C
- Get Down Make Love: Eb to G
- Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy bridge: Cb to Eb
- Misfire: Eb to G


I > IV

- Bo Rhap chorus: Bb to Eb
- Brighton Rock chorus: B to E
- Hang On In There: D to G
- Leaving Home Ain't Easy chorus: A to D
- Life Is Real: D to G
- Love Of My Life: C to F
- Made In Heaven post chorus: Eb to Ab
- Play The Game: C to F
- Save Me second verse: D to G
- There Must Be More To Life Than This: G to C
- Under Pressure: D to G
- Who Needs You: E to A


I > bV:

- Bo Rhap solo-opera: Eb to A


I > V:

- Bo Rhap second verse: Eb to Bb
- Leaving Home Ain't Easy chorus: D to A
- Life Is Real: G to D
- Love Of My Life: F to C
- Misfire: Eb to Bb
- Play The Game: F to C
- Save Me chorus: G to D
- The Miracle break: Gb to Db
- There Must Be More To Life Than This: C to G
- Under Pressure: G to D
- We Are the Champions chorus: Bb to F
- Who Needs You: A to E


I > bVI:

- Back To The Light: C to Ab
- Get Down Make Love: G to Eb
- Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy bridge: Eb to Cb
- Keep Yourself Alive verse: A to F
- Misfire: G to Eb
- Seven Seas Of Rhye solo: D to Bb
- The March of the Black Queen outro: E to C
- The Millionaire Waltz "forever": Eb to Cb


I > VI:

- '39 intro/bridge: B to G#
- Action chorus-verse: F to D
- Father To Son: G to E
- Hammer To Fall solo: C to A
- Keep Yourself Alive chorus: F to D
- Modern Times Rock N' Roll: G to E
- Ogre Battle ending: C to A
- Princes Of The Universe: C to A
- Scandal: Bb to G
- Thank God It's Christmas: G to E


I > bVII

- A Winter's Tale bridge: G to F
- Action chorus: E to D
- Barcelona: Eb to Db
- Drowse bridge ending: E to D
- Hang On In There: G to F
- It's A Hard Life: Bb to Ab
- Jealousy: F to Eb
- Keep Yourself Alive break-chorus: E to D
- Killer Queen connector: F to Eb
- Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow: D to C
- My Life Has Been Saved: D to C
- No One But You: D to C
- Ogre Battle: A to G


I > VII:

- Exercises In Free Love: E to Eb
- It's A Beautiful Day: Eb to D


I > i:

- '39 bridge: G# to G#m
- '39 bridge: Bb to Bbm
- I Want It All: B to Bm
- Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow 2nd verse: B to Bm
- Teo 2nd verse: D to Dm
- The March part C: C to Cm
- The Millionaire Waltz "now I am sad": F to Fm
- Vagabond Outcast: B to Bm


I > bii:

- Exercises In Free Love: Eb to Em


I > ii:

- Bicycle Race verse: Ab to Bbm
- Liar: D to Em
- Princes chorus: A to Bm


I > iii:

- Jealousy bridge: Eb to Gm
- Lazing bridge: Eb to Gm


I > biv:

- The Prophet's Song solo: Bb to Em


I > iv:

- Mustapha: D to Gm
- Tenement solo: B to Em
- The Prophet's Song: D to Gm


I > v:

- Don't Stop Me Now break: F to Cm
- Don't Try So Hard: A to Em
- Driven By You: Bb to Fm
- Great King Rat: D to Am
- We Are The Champions: F to Cm


I > bvi:

- Bicycle Race solo/verse: D to Bbm
- Get Down Make Love: G to Ebm


I > vi:


I > bvii:

- Let Me Entertain You: F# to Em


I > vii:

- Happiness: Bb to Am
- Made In Heaven: Ab to Gm
- Princes riff: C to Bm


i > bI:

- '39 bridge: Bbm to B


i > I:

- Exercises In Free Love: Em to E
- I Want It All: Bm to B
- Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow chorus: Bm to B
- Teo Torriatte chorus: Dm to D
- The Prophet's Song: Dm to D
- Vagabond Outcast: Bm to B


i > bII:

- Happiness: Am to Bb
- Mustapha: Gm to Ab
- Princes bridge: Bm to C


i > II:

- Let Me Entertain You: Em to F#
- My Fairy King intro: Fm to G


i > bIII:

- '39 bridge: G#m to Bb


i > bIV:

- Bicycle Solo: Bbm to D
- Get Down Make Love: Ebm to G


i > IV:

- Don't Stop Me solo: Cm to F
- Don't Try So Hard: Em to A
- Great King Rat: Am to D


i > V:

- Bicycle bridge: Bbm to F
- Tenement Funster solo: Em to B
- Black Queen outro: Am to E


i > VI:

- In The Lap Of The Gods: Dm to Bb
- Lazing bridge: Gm to Eb
- Made In Heaven chorus: Gm to Eb
- Princes chorus: C#m to A
- The Fallen Priest: Fm to Db


i > VII:

- Exercises In Free Love: Dm to C
- I'm In Love With My Car outro: Em to D
- Jealoisy: Gm to F
- The Millionaire Waltz: Fm to Eb
- We Are The Champions pre-chorus: Cm to Bb


i > bii:

- Mustapha: Fm to F#m


i > ii:

- Death On Two Legs intro: Ebm to Fm
- Princes Of The Universe: Bm to C#m
- The Show Must Go On: Am to Bm


i > iii:

- Nothin' But Blue: C#m to Em


i > biv:

- Stone Cold Crazy: Gm to Bm


i > iv:

- Mr Bad Guy: Gm to Cm
- The Fallen Priest: Cm to Fm
- The Prophet's Song verse: Am to Dm


i > bv:

- Death On Two Legs intro: Fm to Bm


i > v:

- Mr Bad Guy: Cm to Gm
- The Prophet's Song verse: Dm to Am


i > vi:

- Stone Cold Crazy: Bm to Gm


i > bvii:

- Black Queen part D: Cm to Am
- Nothin' But Blue: Em to C#m


i > vii:

- Exercises In Free Love: Em to Dm
- The Prophet's Song solo: Em to Dm
10.Daniel 04 Feb 2006 00:04
Wow, great,  i love your posts
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