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Sebastian: The Miracle track16 Apr 2004 14:53
In order to (try to) generate more participation in the forum, I`ll also discuss my analyses here before I upload them into my website. I`ll revisite some aspects of the three already done ones and I`m currently researching (not yet writing) about the Miracle (the song).

In general terms I`ll focus my articles in a scientific approach (like a math demonstration, only without the boring "hypothesis, thesis..." titles), and also a "periodistic" (e.g. "Brian said") collection. I`ll try too to "solve" the most famous discussions doubts so the site is more or less interactive and "for the audience". Examples of that are "why Innuendo/Under Pressure/Somebody To Love can`t be Rogers (musically), what`s the deal with Bo Rhaps "longer version"...".

In the case of `The Miracle` I found an interesting Freddie-esque detail today: the bass riff before the coda is the first half of the one in `Lets Turn It On`. Any suggestions about featured comparisons (like the one I put about WIAWI and this one in the Worth analysis) and sound samples are welcome
1.Sebastian 18 Apr 2004 09:37
An interesting cross-reference: Worth It riff is over the Am G F E D progression, which is an extended form of the flamenco cadence in A (Am G F E). Freddie used it (not neccesarily in that key) in Innuendo and Fallen Priest too and (in shortened form) in Barcelona. That same cadence is used in Jesus Christ Superstar, in the center piece - Gethsemane. Bob Dylan uses it in `One More Cup Of Coffee` and Pete Townshend in `Pictures Of Lily`.
2.PD 18 Apr 2004 21:14
The WIAWI progression uses Em rather than E IMO (I may be wrong).
Mercury flirted with the flamenco progression already in Great King Rat (not clearly though Am > F > E...,  Am > G > Em...)
3.Sebastian 19 Apr 2004 10:25
WIAWI: You`re right. Although in the pre-interlude (when it`s played backwards) it sounds more like E major. So probably Fred put both.

Yes I though GKR too, although as you say is not technically it.
4.Sebastian 25 Apr 2004 04:56
Mercury-Weber references should desevre a separate chapter. I find many details in common in the matter of re-cycling phrases and stuff, perhaps that doesn`t mean Fred was influenced by Andrew, it can mean they were both influenced by someone in common. But anyway
5.Sebastian 03 Jul 2004 14:07
About the cadence, more examples from Fred are Bijou and It`s A Hard Life. And Liar (the chord roots at least). Beatles example: We Can Work It Out. John`s part. Also Help intro, in extended form
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