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Sebastian: Unfinished threads02 Mar 2004 19:03
Something else I always wanted:

- Drowse piano: I'm finally convinced there's no piano

- Piano lick of 'Under Pressure': For my site I'll write it's Freddie until I find (again) David's comment. It's a difficult situation: if Freddie was the main songwriter of this song then it'd be almost obvious that he'd play one of the main instruments (although in 'Ogre Battle' he doesn't play anything). By other side the other piano sounds very similar to the one in 'My Life Has Been Saved'. Dave said he helped John with some keyboards in that song, so what if he played the piano in both UP and MLHBS? Perhaps that'd mean Fred played the lick (which would make sense considering its similarty with 'Get Down Make Love'). I'll see if I can ask Mr Richards about it. Meanwhile I'll just say it's possibly Freddie (both parts)

> I wish I knew more about how they composed those songs for Barcelona. For example The Fallen Priest

Recently I saw a comment by Montserrat CaballĂ© in which she said that Freddie came up with 'Fallen Priest' and also mentioned 'Guide Me Home' and 'La Japonaise'. Mike's contribution (at least in those three plus 'Ensueño' and 'Barcelona') must have been scoring the orchestra.

> has a very nice contrapuntal harmonies and chord progressions and I'm dying to know who exactly can be credited for each of them.

I guess the vocal parts were Freddie's arrangement, while orchestra would be by both of them.

> The cited interviews made me guess that the 5/4 lick (ie. the main motif of the flamanco part) is Brian's creation.

I've thought so much about it. Something that suggests Freddie for me is the meters: 5/4 5/4 5/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 5/4 5/4 5/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 6/4 6/4 6/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4. That's a good way to introduce the orchestral part in 3/4 without noticeable changes of meter. The heavy solo is different: 5/4 5/4 5/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 5/4 5/4 5/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 5/4 5/4 5/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 2/4. That kind of variation seems also Freddie-esque to me.

And so does the solo approach itself: one pattern is done in each chord, transposing it (like the bass of 'Masterstroke', the four-in-the-bar piano lick of 'My Fairy King', the motif of 'Bohemian Rhapsody', etc). I guess if Brian had written the solo he would have created a long seven measure melody instead of just transposing a one measure lick all over (although it's more differed at the end).

The chord progression is the standard flamenco one, as I said the other day. Brian said that the middle section is Freddie's but I don't know if he refers to the whole thing or just "you can be anything you want to be... to yourself". I'm quite surprised John wasn't asked to play one of the strummed acoustic in this song, he even was absent at the time Steve came. So few has been commented about his interaction with the others in that year, perhaps it's not a beautiful story.

> Heaven For Eveyone: there is a "Caribic" instrument on the album version before the
guitar solo.

Can you believe that I hadn't listened to this song in about three years? I did it today (for Made In Heaven analyses for my site) and finally noticed the marimba. More on this album later

> Bicycle Race: what is the name of the percussion instrument that closes Bicycle Race
and also can be heard in Jealousy?

I think it's a very tiny cymbal. Roger had some of them mixed in his kit.

> The arpeggiator was used quite a lot, from 'Action' up to 'The Miracle', including 'One Vision' and probably 'Keep Passing The Open Windows'.

Perhaps it's not so relevant, but from The Works album onwards the arpeggios (and in general terms the synth-parts) were programmed in midi instead of played.

> As for non-synths keyboard instruments, they used Hammond organs several times, like
on Breaktrhou and Liar.

I did a mistake there. 'Breakthru' (also others like 'Let Me Live' or 'Innuendo') have a synth doing organ sounds, not an organ.

> I don't know what it is on 'Nevermore', after the first verse there is a kind of pad sound

For those who don't know yet (perhaps some people in this forum missed that thread), it's a piano with a contemporary special effect: someone gets inside the piano and plucks the strings while the other plays the notes. That way the piano "rings".

- Chimes in Killer Queen: I agree with Bohardy that this one are definetely real windchimes, not a guitar effect.

> Ogre Battle - intro before the reversed guitar figures. Anyone has an idea what it is?

It's the cymbal noise reversed. Note that in the outro it was the scream and then a cymbal hit, very noisy. Reversed it's just the intro.

> Rock It: ("get down"):...

I think I saw the explanation for it somewhere. I'll bring it here as soon as I remember

> Sheer Heart Attack: drum solo - anyone know how that sound was achived?

I think Phillip explains it in his article

> Octave harmonies can be found in Drowse and in Action This Day

Freddie's examples: March Of The Black Queen ("...baby oil"), Bo Rhap ("Bismilah"), Flick Of The Wrist (verses).

To be continued...
1.PD 03 Mar 2004 07:26
> Chimes in Killer Queen: I agree with Bohardy that this one are definetely
> real windchimes, not a guitar effect
I'm still 95% sure that it's guitar. I'd guess for 60% that also "slightly mad" features "guitar-chimes". This could be asked from David Richards, since I had no luck with Brian's Soapbox.

> Rock It: ("get down"):...
>I think I saw the explanation for it somewhere
Maybe in the Game DVD-A review.
2.Bohardy 04 Mar 2004 22:36
I might as well say it whilst I'm thinking of it...

"Soldier, sailor, tinker, tailor, plough-boy" from TFFMS is another Freddie example of octave 'harmony'.
3.Alejandro 08 Mar 2004 01:39

I heard the chaims in " I'm going ...." and it can't be a guitar
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