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Sebastian: Another bunch of short notes21 Jan 2004 13:45
These last two days I've been reading a lot of Japanese interviews, and lots of interesting facts have been revealed/confirmed:

- The idea of the black and white side of the II album came from Freddie after he wrote 'March Of The Black Queen'. Then they decided to make an album of contrasts.

- John's favourite track in 1982 was Dragon Attack

- John and Roger were asked about Fred's solo project, both answered they loved 'Made In Heaven'

- John confirmed the UP thing in 1982: "The song itself is mainly David's and Freddie's idea. But we were all included in the credits. It was an interesting experience, because David wrote the bass-line, he owes the responsibility for it. He's a talented man, and that song is one of those that I really like"

- They all took a break after Live Aid but Fred called them and asked them to go to Munich and write and record a song together. Fred's motivation was so contagious that even John showed up :)

- Teo Torriate was recorded at Hookend Manor in Oxford (well, that's way more concerned with my research than yours, isn't it?)

- Roger said in 1984 that John had participated in a couple of tracks in 'Strange Frontier' and said John was "the best rhythm guitarist"
1.PD 04 Feb 2004 18:41
Freddie Mercury's guitar credits:
Crazy Little Thing has always been known as a song where Freddie played acoustic guitar on.
Now they discussed on AMQ about "Need Your Loving":
2.Sebastian 06 Feb 2004 00:01
I heard the same ´Need Your Loving´ story some years ago (perhaps the same person told me that, I don´t remember who he/she was). I´d love if there was further quoting about Fred´s guitars in the Hot Space album. What is almost sure is that his HS songs were written in either piano or synths, not guitar. But he did play somewhere (not neccesarily in a song of his own). Brian and Roger didn´t mention anything about that in the GVHII, but that doesn´t mean we should rule out the singles.

´Under Pressure´ seems to be a 12 string electric in the verses, so either Brian didn´t play it or he forgot to mention it in his ¨not RS¨list. Both options I find pretty possible, the fact Brian plays the arpeggios live doesn´t mean he did in the studio. Since the album has no credits anything could have happened (in fact I think they didn´t write credits in ´Game´, ´Works´ and ´Miracle´... and this one, because everyone played a lot of stuff and the list would be too long).
3.Sebastian 31 Jul 2004 15:32
Now that my Japanese has improved, I was wrong. Roger did say John played in a couple of tracks in `Strange Frontier`, but the "best rhythm guitarist" remark was about Rick Parfitt
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