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Sebastian: More possible questions to Brian23 Dec 2003 14:37
note that in this year lots of those "eternal" queen question were solved (songs with brian on piano, recording sessions of beautiful day, rockyou and brighton intros, writer of soul brother, lyrical inspiration for hammer, '39 and now i'm here, one-take legend of sleeping on the sidewalk), and I think Brian receives several times the rest of those "basic" questions everyday (who played the 'who needs you' solos, who wrote let me live, who says "one two three four" at the beginning of Innuendo, who are the people in 'entertain you' and 'seven seas' outros, etc), then I think it'd be a nice idea to collect some more specific questions (like the already answered harpsichord and double bass stories or the japanese influence in 'take my breath away')
1.Sebastian 23 Dec 2003 14:51
so, to start off, simple songwriting/arranging questions:

- '39 bridge harmonies: by one side brian is most of times the arranger of everything in his tracks except for bass and drums, but by other side there's the "rule" that harmonies are sung by the one who arranged them. If Brian had invented those parts he'd sung them (as those counterpoints in the chorus), but it's all Fred except for the top and bottom voices which are Roger. But it could also be that Brian invented them and asked Fred to sing.

- Kashoggi's Ship: Who wrote it? musically, because we all know lyrics are by all four

- Innuendo Flamenco Section: Brian mentioned Fred wrote the middle part, but with that he could mean the whole acoustic-orchestral-electric interlude or just the "you can be anything you want to be" part.

- Let Me Live: apparently there's a manuscript by roger, but that still doesn't clarify the music. it could be that roger only wrote lyrics like in 'Innuendo'

- Stone Cold Crazy: the credit to all four can be lyrical-wise, but it's possible that the chords were just by one
2.BrianMay 27 Dec 2003 17:48
"- Stone Cold Crazy: the credit to all four can be lyrical-wise, but it's possible
that the chords were just by one"

I think they credited Stone Cold Crazy to all 4 members because this song has been played live since the late 60's, And it's obvious that the song went to so many changes that Queen decided to credit it as a Queen song
3.Sebastian 11 Jan 2004 14:04
I just sent three more questions to Brian. I asked if he wrote My Fairy King intro, if the All Dead overture was so hard to play for him, and if the orchestral interludes of 'Worth It' are related to a symphony in Eb minor Freddie was planning to write since mid 70s.
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