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Sebastian: Glam Rock21 Nov 2003 16:08
I think it's time to realise exactly what is this about. This is one of the most combined musical styles, because, in my opinion, there was never a glam artist (except perhaps marc bolan), just people who combined glam with other stuff. David Bowie used to be considered the biggest glam artist, but up to which point is that true?

So, to clear some things up, this are the common characteristics I've found out about Glam Rock, tell me what do you think:

- Strummed Acoustic Guitar
- Melodic Guitar Solos
- Guitar Harmonies
- Singalong Choruses
- Melodic Bass-Lines
- Nasal Guitar Sounds (using a lot of Cry Baby)
- Simple Repetitive Structures
- Rebel Lyrics
- Riff Based Songs
- 2:30-4:30 durations

The rest would be more personal trademarks from each artist, for example David Bowie's records (Ziggy, Hunky, Aladdin) had a lot of virtuoso piano fills from Rick Wakeman and Mick Ronson. The latter also added a lot of orchestral arrangements, and made vocal harmonies (just one part).
1.BrianMay 21 Nov 2003 23:25
i think Glam Rock is more about appearance then the music itself.
2.Sebastian 21 Nov 2003 23:39
it had more impact in the external side (make-up and stuff) but still it's a very valuable music style
3.BrianMay 21 Nov 2003 23:56
yeah I agree, and your list is pretty good.

But i think the make up and clothing is the biggest factor for something to be in the 'Glam Rock' category. Cause if a band like, lets say The Beatles, made a song with elements from your list, I don't think you can call it Glam Rock (or a Glam Rock band if they made more songs like that) Just because they weren't 'glammy' onstage, like Bowie.

Marilyn Manson is also put a lot in the Glam Rock category, but their songs don't really have a lot of sing a long chorusses and strummed chords, yet their put in the Glam Rock because of the outfits, performance of the outrageous front man.

but still...good list!
4.Sebastian 22 Nov 2003 00:01
yes that's very true, and glam is one of the styles where it happens the most

a lot of bands did glam songs, but very very very few were glam bands
5.PD 22 Nov 2003 19:58
I heard the "glam rock" words first related with T-Rex (maybe with "Chidren Of The Revolution"). Since then they have been my primary associations for glam rock. Meanwhile I learned that early Bowie was also a definitive glam rocker. Mott The Hopple are two said to be a glam rock band, but so are Led Zeppelin too (?!). For me glam rock is rather an image-thing.
Music wise: Bowie's "Space Oddity" (a quite progressive song for his time) is not very "glammy".
6.Sebastian 22 Nov 2003 22:19
Space Oddity was written one or two years before David officially became a glam artist. I think now that the acoustic strummed thing was not a proper glam trademark but a Bowie trademark which was born from his very early days (when he was in folk bands in early/middle 60s).

It makes sense: Mr Bowie combined glam elements with his own trademarks and with Mick's trademarks (e.g. guitar choirs, nasal guitar sound and two-part vocal harmonies). Since Marc had a competition with David they both adopted each other's influences and styles. Mick and David produced Mott The Hopple and hence transmited those characteristics to them. Now three of the major glam artists shared that, it's not susprising that most of the other glammers (like roxy music) were influenced by them
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