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Sebastian: another one band parallel analysis28 Aug 2003 22:48
this time it's discussing the "who played" issue, starting with the band I listen the most now: Kiss


First two albums- totally performed in the basic formation. Bob Foster played piano in Nothing To Lose, and besides that, no special instruments at all

Dressed To Kill - Paul played the guitar solo of C'mon And Love Me

Destroyer - some songs have changes in traditions: Great Expectations has orchestra, rhythm guitars are played by Gene and Dick Warren (additional musician) and the solo is by Paul. The already mentioned Dick Warren played all the guitars in Gene's song Sweet Pain. So it's the first Kiss song with only two band members. And Peter Criss was alone with an orchestra for Beth.

- Rock And Roll Over: No guest musicians this time. Gene played rhythm in See You In Your Dreams, Paul played the solo of I Want You (the album opener), and Ace played bass here and there

- Love Gun: Now it gets hard. Ace finally wrote an entire song by himself, Shock Me, which was the first song he ever sang for the band. On it he played all instruments except drums. Gene sang four songs this time, in three of them he played guitar and in the other he played piano, and of course bass. Paul played bass of the title theme and lead guitar of I Stole Your Love

- Dynasty: Wow, this is a long one. Nine songs, in 3 of them Paul played bass, in 3 of them Gene and in 3 of them Ace, so we can't say they had a bassist.Gene played rhythm in Charisma and piano in X-Ray, and only sang two songs. Ace and Paul sang three songs each and Paul played lead guitar on two tracks

- Unmasked: Ace sang and played bass on three songs, Paul played bass in two, and Gene played rhythm guitar in the last song of the album.The bass of Paul's song Shandi is by a guest musician. Vincent Poncia, the producer, played keyboards and sang backing vocals here and there

- The Elder: Eric Carr is now the drummer. He played bass in Escape From The Island, in Dark Light Ace played bass and sang, Mr Frehley also played rhythm guitar in Escape. Gene played rhythm in one song, and Paul lead in one too.

- Creatures Of The Night: Ace quit the band. The rhythm guitar of 'I Love It Loud' is by Gene Simmons, and the lead by Vinnie Vincent - who later worked as session played for Bangles -. Paul played bass in the title track and Eric in I Still Love You

- Lick It Up: Strangely enough everyone stayed in his position. Vinnie was now an official band member. The lead guitar in the first track, Exciter, is by a guest musician

- Animalize: Vinnie got changed by Mark St. John. Bass was played mostly by the creator of the song, as well as guitar.

- Asylum: Mark replaced by Bruce Kulick. Gene played guitar in his songs (rhythm) and Paul played bass in his ones.

- Crazy Nights: Everything as in basic formation (with Bruce playing all lead guitars). All keyboards were by Paul Stanley.

- Hot In The Shade: Gene played rhythm in one song and Eric played bass and sang in another one

- Revenge: Eric Carr got replaced by Eric Singer. Gene played rhythm in one, Bruce played bass in one and Paul played bass in his songs.

- Carnival: Bruce played bass here and there.

- Psycho Circus: Back to the classic formation (with Peter and Ace). Paul played bass here and there. Two session pianists were used.



- Queen (I): Brian played piano in one song, but the rest was all in basic formation.

- Queen II: Brian played piano in 'Father To Son', and John played acoustic guitar in two tracks.

- Sheer Heart Attack: All acoustic guitars were by John, Brian played piano in two songs.

- A Night At The Opera: Piano by John in one track, all the rest by Freddie. All guitars by Brian.

- A Day At The Races: Roger and John played rhythm in their respective songs. Brian played piano, harmonium and plastic piano in 'Teo Torriate'.

- News Of The World: John played acoustic in both of his songs, Roger played guitars and bass of both his pieces, Brian played piano in 'All Dead'

- Jazz: John and Roger played rhythm in their tracks. We don't know more details, perhaps Roger again did the bass, or Brian in his songs, who knows...

- The Game: All of them played guitars and keyboards in at least one song. Brian and John played piano in one song each. It's weird Freddie got the only award he got as pianist that year, because he only played in three songs in the album.

- Flash: Brian played piano in one song, but that song is reprised like four times. All of them did synth parts and John played guitar in two tracks

- Hot Space: They all played guitar and synths. Brian played piano in 'Palabras', all of them programmed basses and drums in their songs.

- The Works: John played guitars in his track, and synths. Brian didn't play keyboards at all this time.

- A Kind Of Magic: All played keyboards, but only John and Brian played guitar.

- The Miracle: All of them programmed keyboard parts, but the only one who played piano was Freddie. Perhaps John played some rhythm guitar.

- Innuendo: All guitars by Brian this time.

- Made In Heaven: Probably the same as Innuendo

to be continued...
1.Sebastian 05 Sep 2003 15:09
and finally, the biggest ones: The Beatles:

- Please: As expected, no changes of position. Harmonica was played by John and maracas by Ringo

- With: No changes as far as I'm concerned

- A Hard: Paul played piano in Tell Me Why, Any Time At All

- For Sale: Paul played organ in Mr Moonlight, piano in Every Little Thing

- Help: John played e-piano in 'The Night Before', Paul played piano in 'Lose That Girl' and lead guitar in 'Another Girl' and 'Ticket'. Paul played acoustic guitar in 'Yesterday'

- Rubber Soul: Things start to get interesting: Paul played piano and guitar in 'Drive My Car', piano in 'You Won't See Me' and 'The Word', John played organ in 'Think For Yourself'

to be continued...
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