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LHG: Acoustic guitar in I Want To Break Free?20 Jul 2003 17:18
Listening to the instrumental version of this song, it seems to me that there's an acoustic guitar or two playing the main rhythm, mainly audible during the first verse. What do you guys think? By this point in their careers, Queen used very few acoustics.
1.Bohardy 20 Jul 2003 18:01
Agreed. There's definitely an acoustic or two there.
As you said, a bit of a rarity at this point in their career, which is sad. Also it's almost unique I think in that the acoustic is just picking power-chords rather than strumming full-chords. I can't really think of any other Queen songs where an acoustic was used in this way.
2.Sebastian 20 Jul 2003 18:13
you won't believe me but I was just going to the queenzone forum to ask that very question (along with a couple more).

so I better ask the other questions here:

- Sail Away Sweet Sister harmonies: In the bridge the harmonies are changing constantly. They're always three part but the men who are singing them are different. The "oh" are all Freddie, then in "way to soon" Brian is clearly in the middle, Fred in the top voice, and ? in the bottom. In "ah ah ah" the top voice is clearly Roger, then it's Fred, then ?. Now, who is ?. I can't hear that lowest voice, or is the harmony just two part there?

- Any chance the piano of Killer Queen is electric? the instrument used has less resonance and sounds really different to the rest of pianos in Queen life. If it's an acoustic piano, it's definately not a Steinway or Bosendorfer

- Misfire guitars - I think they're all the Red Special, but according to the credits John played most of them. So, did John use the Red Special for once in his career or did he play any guitar that sounded similar? a Les Paul perhaps?

by the way, what characteristics do you think the Break Free acoustics have? 6 or 12 strings, nylon or steel? I think they're a little tight for being steel, but not sure
3.LHG 20 Jul 2003 23:12
In reference to Killer Queen, I believe the piano is a honky-tonk, or 'jangle' piano.
4.Sebastian 21 Jul 2003 13:49
oh, I see, so the credit of Jangle piano in the booklet wasn't only for Leroy Brown

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