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LHG: 'Chorus' voices16 Jul 2003 08:52
What method did the band use to create the huge chorus of singing voices in songs like Lap Of The Gods Revisited and Teo Torriate?
1.Sebastian 16 Jul 2003 14:20
no idea really

in 'Revisited' all the voices sound like Fred to me, and they're unison. It can also be that Fred was the louder and there were more members of the band and crew

in the case of 'Teo Torriate', I seriously think they hired a choir, because none of the members of the band sound like that
2.BrianMay 16 Jul 2003 23:34
The huge chorus sound is created by the members singing lines in unison, about 3 times, and then the next line, and so on
3.Sebastian 16 Jul 2003 23:39
not in the two songs above.

and in both cases there is no "next line" it's just one part

in we will rock you they used crew members too

in bo rhap and somebody it was like you said indeed
4.LHG 17 Jul 2003 09:13
Yeah, I'd heard that they used crew members for We Will Rock You, but I also suspect that an uncredited choir was used in Teo Torriate and Lap Of The Gods Revisited.
5.Sebastian 17 Jul 2003 14:29
in 'Teo Torriate' it's definately a choir, none of the voices sound like either one of them.

But in 'Revisited' I can hear Fred, at least. It's possible that he multi-tracked his voice. A DVD-A would help us to know if the others are there.
6.PD 20 Jul 2003 23:35
I guess that Teo featured some guest vocals (probably children) plus additional multitracking.

I guess "... revisited" is just three of them multitracked.
7.botley 05 Aug 2003 16:22
The only part in Teo Torriate where the voices sound like non-Queen members is during the last chorus.

But I can definitely hear some "multitapping" (where one track is sent through several delay sends of very short but slightly varied lengths to give a 'chorus' effect) there, so if they did hire extra singers, they still felt the need to fatten up the sound with studio techniques.

Plus, the tone of these "children's" vocals makes it sound like they're close-miked, so it can't be a very large choir. It might also be possible that they played with the tape speed to make their voices sound like children's...

By listening to the backing tape at a slightly SLOWER speed when overdubbing vocals, you lower it in pitch a little bit. You do the overdub at this lower speed, and when it is played back at normal speed your voice will sound in tune, but less bass-y and more air-y.

Of course, that's just far-out conjecture... I don't recall hearing about Queen ever using that sort of trick elsewhere (when someone couldn't hit a really high note for example). I certainly need it to get that high Bb in BoRhap!
8.Bohardy 06 Aug 2003 12:22
Interesting observations there Botley.

But Queen definitely did use tape vari-speed several times in the studio, though not on Teo Torriate. There's definitely an uncredited kids choir on there towards the end.

Leaving Home Ain't Easy - Brian's vocals are sped up in the 'stay my love' section.
Leroy Brown - Nobody's reaching that low C without their voice being slowed down...
One Vision - slowed down "god works in mysterious ways" during the intro.

There are other vocal examples of this, and numerous examples of guitar vari-speeding.
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