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LG: QMS - strange noises29 May 2003 09:18
I've spotted a discussion on 'strange noises' in Queen music on queen mailing service.
1.PD 29 May 2003 09:57

I hope you may extend the list here with the noises they bring up at the QMS. I'm curious what can they find. The Works-era is still under-represendted here. The list so far:

Doing All Right 3:18 - very rough distortion with a "scratching" noise
                3:42-44 - percussive guitar noises
Great King Rat 4:22-4x - very strange noises in the right channel seemingly created
by Brian's picking style. Such noise I could not found on any other Queen record.
Liar 2:38 - guitar noise in the right channel.
The Night Comes Down 0:55 - interesting guitar noise
Modern Times R&R 0:25 - short feedback-noise
Jesus 1:34-3:07 - the guitar mixed on left sounds extremly saturated

Procession 0:28, 0:56 - noises on the end of the notes
White Queen 0:41 - ?
The Loser In The End 1:32 - sound like a "yeah" but it's maybe an instrumental
March Of The Black Queen (intro of FHLI) - 6:08 guitar noises in the right channel.

Brighton rock 3:49 - strange percussive guitar sound
Killer Queen 1:46-49 - You can hear how the coin attacks the B-string creating an
ascending noise as the left hand fingers are closing the coin.
             2:15 - chimes-like sound done by Brian on guitar.
             last seconds: strange guitar noise
Stone Cold Crazy 1:11 - very interesting feed-back noise in the left channel.

Death On Two Legs: 1:31 - fret noise
I'm In Love With My Car: 3:02 - high voiced talk
The Prophet's Song:4:18 - short low pitched noise (echoed)
                   5:32 - not perfect cut
                   8:09 - lovely acoustic guitar noises
Bohemian Rhapsody: second verse (around 2:08 left channel) - noises
                  0:25, 0:32, 0:38, 5:30 (GH version coordinates) - damp pedal
                  1:53-... harmonics (fretted strings instead of open strings)
                           (listen the Inside The Rhapsody documentary!)
                  2:04 - Brian is picking the strings behind the bridge of his

Tie Your Mother Down: 2:53 strange guitar noise
You Take My Breath Away - on the Eye-version (piano only) you can hear Freddie
humming the title phrases. Freddie frequently hummed along his piano parts, you can
hear him doing it in Bohemian Rhapsody (Inside The Rhapsody documentary).
The Millionaire Waltz: 0:21 - You can hear the open low E-string of the Bass.
You And I: 2:49 - percussive guitar noice
Somebody To Love: 4:50 - Aaah
                  4:55 - damping pedal released
White Man: 0:21 - Brain's guitar amp is cranked up to the edge of feedback,
           0:36 - percussive notes
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy: 2:01 percussive notes

We Will Rock You: 0:01 - "aaah"
We Are The Champions: 2:58-... Hard to hear piano figures.
Sleeping On The Sidewalk: 0:00 - Count in. Note the increased background noise.
                          3:05 - "hehe" or something that sounds like that
                          2:05, 2:52 - John probaly missed 1-2 wrong notes.
Who Needs You: 0:01 - strange noises in the right channel
               1:06 - strange percussive guitar noise
               2:36 - unintentional guitar note

Fat Bottomed Girls: intro: between the phrases you can hear the leakage of the guide guitar track.
                    2:21 : Brian while strumming an open G chord unintentionally
strumms the low (D) string creating a dissonance.
                    0:04 : "click"
If You Can't Beat Them: 2:17 - interesting percussive notes played on guitar.
                        3:03 - Freddie
Let Me Entertain You: 0:54 - interesting percussive guitar noise
Dead On Time: 1:53 - bass (?)
Fun It: 2:30-31 - interesting percussive guitar noises
Jealousy: 2:59 - John missed here 1-2 notes.
Don't Stop Me Now: 2:12 : what is it? My guess: harmonizer.
                   2:53 : noise
More Of That Jazz: 3:01

Play The Game 3:05 - edit
              3:09 - lead vocal bit. Have you noticed before?
Dragon Attack 0:22 - "tick"
              0:47, 0:57, 2:25, 2:38, 2:56, 4:08 - strange guitar noises
              1:39 - talk
Need Your Loving Tonight 2:44 - strange noise
Crazy Little Thing Calle Love: 0:01 - it sounds like tremolo bar was used, but
probably it's a case of tape-speed manipulation.
                               1:31 - fret noise
Coming Soon 2:33 - lead guitar plays a low D note. Since the guitar is in normal
tuning it must be done with tremolo bar.
Don't Try Suicide 0:01 - fret noise
                  2:47 - interesting guitar noises
                  3:44 - ?
Coming Soon 0:42 - strange guitar noise
            1:00 - Brian?
            2:14 - stray guitar notes
Save Me 0:26, 2:27 - interesting percussive guitar notes
        3:10 - stray guitar notes (A-G) behind the solo.

Body Language 1:43 - sounds like somebody is sneezing
              2:38 - "nanana"
Back Chat 2:36 - lead guitar noises

It's A Hard Life 4:02 cymbals

A Kind Of Magic 0:09, 0:25 - voices
                3:17 - strange noise

Party 2:18 - guitar noise
Miracle - pre-outro solo : lots of open string noises
I Want It All 4:19 - ?
Invisible Man 2:35-45  hard to notice lead guitar track  
              3:07 - guitar noise
Breathrou 3:56 - a single note
Scandal 2:32 - ? (right channel)
        3:17 - beep in the left channel

last updated: 29 may
I'm Going Slightly Mad: 3:40 - stray guitar noises in the right channel
Headlong: 1:14 lead vocal echoed
          4:30 - intersesting noise of tremolo dive

2.LG 29 May 2003 15:12
Well, here's the list of spots not listed here:
--- On Sweet Lady it has always bugged me that the snare drum can be heard vibrating at the beginning of the song. I though by this album the drums would be in a booth and would not be affected by the bass.
--- I've heard the voice at the top of We Will Rock You, too...and I always thought it was just part of the "count in" to the song.  I think you can hear the same thing on "Sleepin' On The Sidewalk" on News of the World.
--- You can also hear Brian I think shouting out "hey" or "yeah" in If YouCan't Beat Them Join Them in the left channel near the end of the song when it pauses for a bit before the guitar solo and faded out ending.
--- I think there are a few more, though the only 1 I can think of offhand is to listen carefully to Dragon Attack. Freddie chimes in with a few utterances, a couple are obvious though there are 1 or two that are almost hidden.
--- I've also heard what I think is a cough at the end of "A Winters Tale" on Made In Heaven.
--- There's also something of an odd drum beat during the three runs which bridge between the rock part of Bo Rhap and the final section. You can hear it on the original master tapes (from the DVD featurette thingy) and on the karaoke versions particularly well.
--- The sound I remember is in I Go Crazy - after the first 'I don't wanna go see Queen anymore - anymore' there sounds to me to be a faint 'why'.  I asked Brian about this in a phone conversation in 1984 - he claimed no knowledge of this insert.
--- Has anyone noticed the strange groaning noise during the final "Now" on I Want It All? (about 10 seconds before the song finishes). I noticed it the first time I heard the song.

The discussion started on WWRY "aaah" at the beginning.
I thing that this list should be in html and linked from analysis menu, what do you thing Den?
3.BrianMay 31 May 2003 14:55
Not reversed parts, just strange noises. Thats for putting up this list.
I found most of the noises in the list already, but not all!
I'll tell you when the website is online
4.BrianMay 31 May 2003 14:55
maybe i can add reversed parts later
5.Picander 05 Jun 2003 11:59
In dead on two legs there is a fret noise sounding like an Helicopter, i love it. I didn't check if it is the one you mentioned.
6.BrianMay 11 Jun 2003 04:07
Where is that sound exactly? what duration
7.BrianMay 17 Jun 2003 02:33
Heard another strange thing. At the end of Seaside Rendezvous,after the very last note. Turn up the volume and you can hear them sing the words seaside rendezvous again.
8.BrianMay 17 Jun 2003 02:40
Also on The millionaire waltz and 'Lazing' you can hear Freddie's fingernails hit the piano keys :)
9.PD 17 Jun 2003 18:48
Libi - I also think this list can be html-ized. But before that I ask a volunteer english-speaking to post here a grammatically corrected list. I also will email you soon with some tabs and chords to publish.

Let's see the new entries:

Sweet Lady: yeah at 0:15. Most interesting! What about the drumsolo of Keep Yourself Alive?
Is it the same?

We Will Rock You: I doubt it was a count in. It can be heard on the shortened BBC version as well.

If You Can't Beat Them: I knew that. I suspect it was Freddie even though its differently panned than Freddies additional vocals/"comments". I've never known the right word for that. Utterances may be the right word?

Winters Tale: I found there a guitar harmonics (?). Cough? What are the coordinates?

I Go Crazy: going to check it later.

I Want It All: yeah that "vocal" sound to be separated from the final "oooohahhhhh" A few seconds later there is a percussive noise after the guitar slide down.

Seaside Rendezvous: I could not hear it. can anybody confirm it's there?

Lazing: considering Freddie's low wrist-position probably it's not fingernail noise.

some new ones:
Keep Yourself Alive: 2:57 guitar noise
                     3:01 click
                     3:02 noise
                     3:03 guitar noise

Great King Rat: 3:10 - ?

10.BrianMay 17 Jun 2003 21:19
About Seaside Rendezvous. I gave the ending a volume boost. I'll upload it somewhere
11.LG 29 Jul 2003 21:52
> Winters Tale: I found there a guitar harmonics (?). Cough? What are the coordinates?

I gues it's 3:41 (+-, I listened my mp3). I've also spotted a noise at 2:09, I thought that this is the cough you mean at first.
12.botley 05 Aug 2003 16:32
I always thought that the noises in BoRhap which begin at 2:08 were mixing distortion, like when a meter goes "into the red" and it clips... which has bugged the hell out of me for years.

Then I heard the Live Killers version, at it has similar distortion, in the left channel, at the same point in the song!!! Did they deliberately intend for those parts to clip like that? Or was it just a freaky coincidence that they happened to "scorch" the mix at that exact point both times?
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