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Sebastian: more queen hard trivia16 May 2003 18:33
last days some of my theories have gone down totally, I think a lot of points have to be re-considered.

Today I've thought of two questions: who wrote the riff of Show Must Go On? Brian now told me that it was his idea, contradicting what he also said (John and Roger). I believe a little more in the John/Roger theory because it was said some years before, then it's possible that he remembered better then.

the other thing is about the use of keyboards and acoustic guitars.

Brian's comment on playing synths on principal parts made it seems like the "piano" of 'Too Much Love' is not a piano, but a synth with piano sound. That makes sense because technology was great in that matter. The piano on Brian's Back To The Light version must be a real one though.

So, when did the band start using that and where?

Oberheims are just loose when it comes to acoustic impressions. They are quite good doing organs, however, but if you try to get a piano sound out of an OBX-a or OB8 that's a loss of time. Fred (or Morgan) played the outro of Teo Torriate with the Roland Jupiter 8 making a piano sound, and it's also awful. So we can ensure that the pianos on Game, Flash and Hot Space are real ones.

On Works the things are getting complicated. Keep Passing The Open Windows is Fred's Steinway, no doubt. Even nowadays there is no synth able to do that exact sound.
1.Sebastian 18 May 2003 14:31
now, as for the pianos, there's the possibility of pianos on Magic onwards have been done on synths. For Fred it would be fairly ilogical, but for John, Brian and Roger it does make sense, because they could programme them.

Beautiful Day is a real piano for sure, never a synth can have that wonderful resonance. There's another one I'm quite sure it was a real piano: Friends Will Be Friends. It has some very high pitched notes on the second verse that are totally a natural sound.

But now the question is: any chance John played it?

it's really simple, of course the pattern is Freddiesuque, he did some very simple pianos (Sail Away Sweet Sister, Jealousy, etc), but John was also a pianist and judging by him miming Spread Your Wings I can see his style is Freddie affected. We have to know then who was the main writer of it, if it's John the piano can be either him or Fred, if it was Fred the piano is definately by him.
2.PD 18 May 2003 19:01
Friends Will Be Friends: those high pitched notes at the end of the second Verse are done by Brian with the same technique he used in Bohemian Rhapsody: he picks the guitar strings behind the bridge. It can be heard more clearly on the karaoke mix.

John's piano play: since YMBF is the only confirmed song with Johns recorded keyboard playing I cannot make too deep stylistic analysis of his style on keyboard instruments.
Spread Your Wings: the video suggest it's John, the album credits suggest it's Freddie. What my ears suggest: it's Freddie. Especially the outro of the BBC version which is very close in style to the rock-piano style of Don't Stop Me Now.
3.Sebastian 19 May 2003 13:33
John's keyboards are also confirmed on Rain Must Fall, Execution Of Flash, Arboria and My Baby Does Me

as for Wings video: Fred was drunk so he didn't want to sit at the piano, he wanted to move around. But they needed someone to mime the piano, because it was the only instrument appearing at the intro. The more logical thing would be John playing it.

as for studio version: Most backing tracks were recorded piano, bass and drums and laid down live. John couldn't have done both of them. Plus, the ending has totally Freddiesque licks (as oppositte to All Dead, I mean, what the hell were we thining?).

I think the piano of this and Doin' All Right's BBC Versions were done again instead of using what they already had. Probably My Fairy King as well. I think Fred played on the BBC Version of Doin', since they didn't have time for switching functions.
4.PD 19 May 2003 15:31
> John's keyboards are also confirmed on Rain Must Fall,
> Execution Of Flash, Arboria and My Baby Does Me
I supposed (rather than knew) that John played synths here and there, but these have mostly sustained chords or maximum a couple of short simple tunes (correct me if I'm wrong), and John's style as keyboard player does not really shines through these.

5.Jason 19 May 2003 18:46
My guess on "spread your wings" would be Freddie...since I would have to say that the song was probably written on guitar.
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