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LG: Mistakes in Queen music06 May 2003 09:38
It's a question on you 'hardcore' listeners, have you spot any mistake in Queen music? I mean strange (unwanted) noices, wrong notes, mistakes during mastering.
Look at www.tubular.net, at the bottom there's an example what is wrong with Mike Oldfield's music.
I bet my shoes that there's nothing what can be named as mistake, beacuse Queen were so precious with the records. What do you think?
1.Sebastian 06 May 2003 14:54
I can only think of two by Brian: on Fat Bottomed Girls when he played G chord with F bass and on Las Palabras De Amor when he played the synth-pad on third verse like a second before it was supposed to, although it sounded so well that way
2.PD 06 May 2003 17:04
Probably each four member plus studio producers did some mistakes.
I know microscopic mistakes done on bass, piano, guitar, vocals and... erm... nothing on drums. Maybe if I had an ear of a drummer I'd notice one.

The most famous guitar mistake is the one in FBG.
Bass mistake I could find in Sleeping On The Sidewalk and Jealousy.
In the lead and harmony vocals you can cacth some flat notes here and there.
On piano: the famous "glitch" in Bohemian Rhapsody that no one would have notice if Brian didn't mention. I could found a similarly microscopic mistake in the intro of Lap Of The Gods during those speedy arpeggios.
On of my favourite moments is someone (?) sneezing during the crazy "title" harmonies in Body Language.
3.BrianMay 12 May 2003 05:49
I also heard a lot of weird sounds on Queen songs.

I'm working on a kind of project. I'm finding strange noises. or mistakes in Queen/solo songs, record it, save it. And give it alittle description.

I'll give you a few examples

Coming soon - 1:01 - During the little solo riff you can hear Freddie say 'alright'
And i also heard the sneezing on Body Language :)
Prophets song - ?:?? - A low sounding noise somewhere at the end of the a-capella part. You can hear it 3 times. So it was recorded at the same time as the vocals

When it's finished i'll upload it (including soundfiles ofcourse)

4.BrianMay 12 May 2003 05:51
There are also some funny sounds on the Prophets Song outro. I think Brian was hesitating where to put his fingers for the next chord :)
5.PD 12 May 2003 15:21
That outro-bit always has been one of my favourites.

Also in TPS - 4:33 - edit point

I'm looking forward to your list.
6.BrianMay 17 May 2003 23:32
I think small mistakes like John missing some notes in Sleeping on the Sidewalk and Jealousy stayed on the album because it was the best take.

Brian says that they used the first take from Sleeping on the Sidewalk because every take they did after that one didn't have the 'feeling' like the first one
7.Sebastian 18 May 2003 00:47
in fact most of the piano,bass and drum takes were laid down live at the same time, and they just stayed that way. if the song didn't have piano, it was guitar, bass and drums. of course that's more for the early days, although I suspect that some newer pieces like Friends Will Be Friends or Party were done in the old fashioned way.

I'm curious though about Best Friend, Sheer Heart Attack and Fight From The Inside. How would they be done?
8.BrianMay 24 May 2003 00:31
Yeah. The mistakes aren't big enough to redo the song. I guess most people didn't even notice it
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