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Sebastian: Songwriters01 May 2003 13:38

I think we're back where we started from. I've been thinking about it since I'm making a huge update to my site, and we're not really sure about it.

We can't 100% trust in just one comment from them, after all those years and all those songs they can confuse a little bit. David said to my friend on 2001 that Steve had used a Gibson on 'Innuendo' and told me one year later that it was an Armstrong. David told me that he had played keyboards on the orchestral part of the same song and some months later he told me all those synths were by Freddie. David told my friend he had made the synth of 'I Can't Live With You' and Brian told that he was. There are several other things, so we're not completely sure:



Apparently it's a jam session but the theme of the lyrics and chords were started by Freddie on the piano. It seems that David remembered it quite well. Then it's more or less clear


Kashoggi's Ship:

He said the lyrics were written by all of them. But nothing about the music, we're totally blank


The Miracle:

David and Brian have adressed to it as Freddie's. On 1989 Fred said it was an idea from John and himself, and that everyone had input on the lyrics. Then this one is clear.


I Want It All:

David said it's Brian's. Certainly he must have had a lot of input, but we can't ensure it just by a comment from the producer. There's still the posibility of it being Brian + Someone.


Invisible Man:

David said it clearly "Roger, but John also did something... I don't remember". So we've not clear results, although we do know it's Roger or John or Roger&John. The demo is sung by Roger, but it doesn't prove its his, it could still be co-written (John wouldn't sing the demo anyway)



The intro is clearly Freddie's, nothing else to say. As for the song itself, David said "Roger + Freddie", but that's not enough. We should research further on that one.


My Baby Does Me & Rain Must Fall

David quite remembers both of them, although Peter Freestone said Fred wrote 'Rain', but he probably meant the lyrics. About 'Baby' Fred and John confirmed that it was the two of them



Brian told me he played the main keyboard. Everytime he played keyboards is because the song is from him. Also on 1989 somebody asked Roger and Brian about it and Roger told Brian "I think it's yours". And David told it's Brian's, then, they all coincide


Was It All Worth It:

This one I doubt a lot. Brian said he played main keyboards, which totally contradicts David's quote. Both Brian and David have said it's Freddie's, at least musically. My theory is that Freddie wrote it after an idea of Brian, but the guys haven't talked enough about the song. Only that Roger likes the guitar solo


Hang On In There:

This is the worst one (in the matter that we don't know about it). David's answer was quick "Freddie" but again Brian told me he played the main keyboard. There's a part in the bridge that is very clearly from him. I always thought it was Fred's song but now it sound a lot more Brian



Brian commented it on early 90s as Freddie starting the lyrics and Roger finishing them, and Freddie having the middle part. David also said Freddie had a strong input and Roger said the lyrics were by him. It's more or less totally solved.


Slightly Mad:

Both Roger and David said it's Freddie's. Still we don't know anything about the background of it.



David said Brian played keyboards, Brian said that he wrote it, and he said that on 1991, his memory couldn't fail then


I Can't Live With You

Brian said that he had written it for his solo album, David also said it's Brian's. There's nothing else to say


Don't Try So Hard

This one is quite dark for me. David said 'Brian + Freddie, lyrics by Freddie', in fact there's an orchestral part that is all Freddie, but still we can't trust only on one quote. I like there was something from Brian, Roger or John to support it.


Ride The Wild Wind:

David said it's Roger's. We have no more proofs. Still there's the posibility of it being Roger/Freddie, Roger/Brian or Roger/John



David seems to remember it very correctly. Phoebe mentioned it's Fred's but again he must have been talking about the lyrics, although Fred had strong input on the music. Actually if I was asked about one composer for it, I'd also say Freddie


Show Must Go On:

David and Brian said it's Brian's. The doubt I have is about the sequence. Brian first said it's Roger&John, then he said it's by him. I have to find out on which year he said it was Roger & John, if it was on 1991-1993 I think he remember clearly, while on 2003 he must have confused some memories



No doubt about it



Brian said it's Freddie's on 1991, no contest. About Brian singing it on the demo the can be several options: Fred lost interest on it, but the guys liked it so they re-arranged it and made the demo and then Fred liked it. Other can be that Brian wanted to make a version of it for his solo album, which again doesn't mean he wrote it, on Back To The Light he had a cover and a couple of co-written things. And the other can be that the record company had put a deadline to send them their demos and Fred was ill so Brian had to sing the demo.

David said he had two memories, one that it's Freddie's and one that it's Brian's. The memory of Brian must have been created later because it's a heavy song and everybody normally would think it's Brian. I mean, he didn't remember it so good, his memory said it was Freddie's but his brain said it should be Brian.


Days Of Our Lives

Quite clear, Brian said he made the solo and told Roger to let it grow on him. That more or less says that he was the "owner" of the song. Also Roger said it's his best song and David confirmed it


All God's People

No problems about it



No idea


Hijack my Heart:

Roger sing it, but it could be a Roger+Someone thing as well or a song by Fred or Brian on which they lost interest.


Lost Oportunity:

Again Brian sing it but it proves nothing. Although the bluesy style is very Brian's

1.Sebastian 04 May 2003 23:20
then the bottomline is that we are not 100% sure about the following:

Stone Cold Crazy
Soul Brother
Hijack My Heart
I Want It All
Kashoggi's Ship
I Guess We're Falling Out
Feelings Feeling
Feel Like
Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
Friends Will Be Friends
Doin' All Right
Is This The World We Created
Thank God It's Christmas
Self Made Man
My Secret Fantasy
Hitman (lyrics)
Ride The Wild Wind
Invisible Man
Lost Opportunity
Don't Try So Hard
You Don't Fool Me

Such a long list, isn't it?
2.PD 05 May 2003 21:04
Lost Opportunity: It's a three chord song. Other's than Brian I think no one wrote a three chord song. John reprtedly was a fan of blues, but it have not had strong influence on his songwriting.
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