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Sebastian: Good questions for Brian30 Apr 2003 20:16

I think it would be a nice idea to put all of our questions together and send them to Brian, then an answer would be guaranteed, I know I'm fortunate because he answered me, and told me more than I asked for, but plenty people keep waiting for their answers

this is what I have so far, album wise:



Brand of the harpsichord



- How different was Stone Cold Crazy before John joined the band
- What the hell is the intro of Brighton Rock
- Brand of the double bass of leroy brown



- Who is singing the high for me, just Roger or Roger and Fred?
- Who played tambourine on '39 (although I dount he remembered, but if it wasn't Roger there you have the only song on which Roger doesn't play but does sing)
- Is Prophet's Song really from the second album's sessions?
- Specific use of each studio
- Brand of the double bass of '39



- Brand of the harmonium on 'Teo'



- Guitar solo on 'Who Needs You'



- Something in detail about almost every song (nobody talks about this album)



- The story behind Machines and Christmas



- Where did Spike play keyboards?



- The story behind Kashoggi's Ship, Invisible Man and Hang On In There



- Something about 'Don't Try So Hard'



- On which years did Fred record Beautiful Day and Fool Me
- Which was the last song for which Fred played piano

1.PD 01 May 2003 10:41
Seb, I modified the title from "Brian" to "good questions for Brian",I hope you don't mind it.

I may add here more question ideas next week.
2.PD 04 May 2003 19:05
Good news: scans of some Queen songs' track sheets will be included in the fortcoming Queen rarities CD-set.
Source: Greg Brooks.

Before you ask: I still haven't sent my questions for Brian.I don't plan to compress much more
questions into my mail, maybe the Who Needs You bit, because it's such a classic point of debate.

Reagrding '39: On stage it was Roger, as the ADATR booklet photo shows.
Regarding DAR: the question is included in my letter-sketch.
3.Sebastian 04 May 2003 22:57
yes on stage it's Roger, I've seen him at Hyde Park and Earls Court

I wasn't going to ask you if you had sent him the mail. In fact I didn't expect to see a post from you today, you have been away from so long, it's a pity because this forum had its life thanks to you (yes, of course, you created it, but without counting that you're still the soul of it)

I think it would be great to put a lot of quick questions together and send them to Roger or John or David Richards. They're the kind of quick answer men. Brian is more poetic, we can use that

But I think that putting our questions together we can have an almost sure response (you know, saying that those are a recollection of the best questions that fans have made or something like that). If we ask John things like 'who played the solo on who needs you', his answer is going to be a simple 'Brian' or 'I did'. For some cases, that's what we need.

Brian's answers tend to be longer, for example, if we ask who wrote ride the wild wind he can tell us when whoever wrote the song came into the studio, and showed it, and how it changed, etc. so we need to know which questions are better to be asked that way
4.PD 05 May 2003 20:43
By the way I sent my questions today. I left out 1-2 questions and added the "Who Needs You". I expect Brian to have played the solos.

As for my role on this board: I wish soon or later I would fade to just "one of the regular posters" due to many active and knowledgable posters registering. I like that for now many treads are started by others including you. This page needs some experts of various fields, not just music theory. And not just experts, but people who are simply interested in these things.

As for John: I wish we could ask him too, but it's questionable that he'll ever talk about the music of Queen anymore. I don't blame him for this, I just feel pity because so many good questions remained un-asked.
Fortunately Brian and Roger are more talkative. They are even within our reach to ask them. It depends only on the people asking good question to get informative answers from them.
5.Sebastian 06 May 2003 00:06
> I expect Brian to have played the solos.

I really really really really don't. I was so happy when I found that Brian had played the piano solo of 'All Dead', which I love. Now what I need to be "completely happy" is that John played the solo of 'Who Needs You' and that Freddie composed the music of 'Fallen Priest'

As for the forum, I think it's by far the best of all forums I visit (which are a lot, in different languages), because it works for both new Queen inductees and for expert references. Here we can speak with freedom about classical influences or use of wah pedals, something we can't on any other

Regarding John, he's very shy, sometimes irritable, but still he's nice, he wouldn't have problems with answering Queen questions since they are not insane things like "are you going to go back to queen" or "if you were born again would you play with queen", etc
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