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Sebastian: hardly noted stuff from Queen16 Feb 2003 13:51
last days I've been proving myself that I'm not really deaf!. All the time I told that there was a piano on the 'so you think you can stone me' section, and there is. Also I thought there was piano on the intro and outro of 'Father To Son', and there is, if you listen to Floss Mixes they let you discover interesting things, like the harpsichord solo of Master Stroke, I had never noticed how amazing was that.
1.PD 16 Feb 2003 16:17
Borhap: it's very hard to hear indeed, but yes, the documentary shows it nicely. You can hear piano at the word "leave" and several times very faint. Think of the Off The Record transcribers who not only have to detect it, but also have to transcribe it. Mission impossible.
F2S: there are chords mixed in the middle. Extremly low contrasted record of ahard to identify instrument. Is it piano? At 5:04 you can hear a rhythm guitar from the centre clearly. At 5:31 right channel: is it piano? BTW what are the Floss Mixes?
The harpischord solo in Master-stroke does not belong to the most debated features of Queen song, but many don't know that the solo is contiued behind the guitar solos and also after it as a part of the backing tracks. It's definitely very nice piece of music. Freddie left behind just a couple of "keyboard" solos, I wish it could be heard more clearly, also the piano solo in Fairy King.
2.Sebastian 17 Feb 2003 15:46
With modern software you can do very interesting stuff. First there's karaoke trick, all of us know it. It deletes all that is common to both channels, and lets you discover several things, like a voice doing the low harmony of 'Fat Bottomed Girls', which I think it's John.

There's another thing you can do with computers, and it's to leave just the stuff that is common to both channels. That way you also discover things. On 'Father To Son' the intro has piano doing the arpeggios, a bass, cymbal hits and the end of Procession (which sounds like a phone). If you listen to karaoke trick, you'll miss all of that, if you listen normally you don't note the piano because there are left and right channel guitars doing the same, but if you delete all that is only left or only right and leave just middle, you'll hear so clear those things.

I think when I get and learn how to use correctly that software I'll separate every single Queen song in three parts: left, right and middle, and listen carefully to each one.

'Fairy Fellers' is what Roger called their major stereo experiment, if you separate it in three tracks you'll able to listen to the harpsichord clearly.

The floss mixes are fan mixes do having fun with those three tracks. Ron B, the creator of Picture Hall, has made mixes of all the II album, not adding anything, just using the original tracks, and there you can note interesting stuff.
3.PD 21 Feb 2003 20:23
Fat Bottom Girls:
The low harmony part is sung by more of them plus it is multiple recorded I guess. John: I can't exclude his contribution due to the limits of my hearing abilities, but you know the old story about it.

Yeah I have also listened to all Queen CD-s via karaoke filter years ago. It's really fun, but many times it can't help.
Father To Son: yeah, piano duplicates the arpeggios. You can hear it without karaoke filter, but it is hard to notice indeed.

Regarding the separating: you can't separate left - middle - right, only:
left+middle  -   right+left -  right+middle
I was thinking whether it's possible to obtain the separated "center" signal in case the other tracks are recorded without crosstalk (ie: the tracks mixed to left cannot be heard in the right speaker, a rare case in Queen's case).
There is a way to filter out tracks that are mixed between the 90 (middle) and 180 (left) grad. For example the guitar/vocal in White Man or the guitar solo in I'm Going Slightly Mad. You only have to combine the karaoke trick with the use of the balance potmeter.

More separation can be done with 5.1 mixes. For instance (as I know) the lead vocal is speratedly mixed into the middle speaker (at least on Love Of My Life  - as I vaguely remember)

Ah, those Floss-mixes: I've heard FatBottomed Girls. Strangely the filtering was better than what I can achive at home.

One of my favourite "karaoke"-moment is the final instrumental Verse in Prophet's Song (after the intermezzo), where the Red Special sounds incredibly powerfull.
4.Sebastian 22 Feb 2003 12:25
Yes, I've tried million things to get the centre channel separate, without success, but then there's the Father To Son mix and there is only the middle channel on that intro, just piano, bass and snare drum. How could he do that? I've asked him but he hasn't replied. Another option is that probably he has a demo of the song or something
5.Sebastian 03 Mar 2003 13:36
I've got another one. What about Drowse in the "boy next door part"? I'm quite sure there is a piano in there, can you tell me what do you think?
6.PD 03 Mar 2003 18:54
I'm not THAT sure about that. The most piano-like noise That I noticed can heard at 2:52 ("it ain't easy"), but following that noise backwards I think it's guitar (eg. a sliding note).
7.BrianMay 13 Sep 2005 23:08
A huuuuge topic kick:P

You CAN filter out the so called Center channel, so you can "only" hear the extra things, it very time consuming though. You can also filter out the left and right signals that way.
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