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Edgar Njari: message to SEBASTIAN23 Jan 2003 17:57

I was talking about 0b-xa with a friend of mine and then he pointed out something that is very obvious but has never struck me before..
flash can't be ob-xa because the music was recorder in mid/late 1980 and ob-xa came out
in february of 1981  so that leaves  us with the conclusion that flash album
was recorded with obx

but then that leaves me with another question..if queen didn't use ob-xa for
flash album then all they did with it was just two songs?
(cool cat and under pressure)?

1.Sebastian 23 Jan 2003 21:06
The band could easily use the synth for only two songs, and the entire Fun In Space album perhaps.

But I'm not really sure about the OBX-a, some webs sa it was from 1980, other say it's from 1981, but I'm thinking it's from 80' because Brian is playing an X-a on the Flash Gordon video
2.Edgar Njari 23 Jan 2003 21:30
Yes i have allso been confused because the web says houndret different versions of the date it got out,but now i got confirmation from a man that used ob-xa in early 80's
and he said it was out in 1981 (february) and he said this was the earlies it could have gotten out anywhere.

And the video is not always accurate..many artists use different synths in videos that the actuall synths they used for the song.
Maybe the video was shot just in time they got ob-xa and thew away the old obx so they didn't have obx to shot the video.

And what do you mean by "fun in space" ? do you mean "hot space"?
There is not "fun in space" album in the discography

Ok so then they used it (if not for flash) only on this album?(hot space)
are you sure they sold it later?
3.Sebastian 24 Jan 2003 01:32
fun in space is a solo album of roger recorded on 1981. besides, roger was the one who owned the obx, obx-a and ob8 synths
4.Sebastian 25 Jan 2003 13:09
and by the way, Flash video was recorded on November 1980, so, the OBX-a was released around that time
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