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Edgar Njari: OBERHEIM OB-Xa12 Jan 2003 15:05

Hello everybody..
thank god i foun this forum.
I hope you guys know more about synthesizers that queen used..
I heard that they used ob-xa
And i vould be very thankfull if someone could tell me the listof songs or at least albums in which i can hear it..

I am suspecting the song "i want it all" it sounds very much like ob-xa to me.am i right here?

1.Sebastian 12 Jan 2003 15:51
look at my website *members.fortunecity.com for details on synths

The Oberheim OBX-A was used for all the Flash Gordon album, and Freddie played it on 'Cool Cat' and 'Under Pressure'. Then it wasn't used anymore

'I Want It All' sound comes from MIDI
2.Edgar Njari 12 Jan 2003 17:40
What do youmean by "comes from midi",u mean it is a sample?
I have checked your site...you said there that yamaha DX7 was
their first MIDI synth...ob-8 had MIDI too on it.
3.Sebastian 13 Jan 2003 12:58
'I Want It All' is not a sample, the synth sound is a midi output, they were so primitive bak in '88 that they sounded a bit like an Oberheim. But it's not a sample, the notes were recorded on the Korg M1 and passed to the Atari computer.
4.Edgar Njari 13 Jan 2003 21:27
Ok i am not following you now...
MIDI is a interface that is used to connect instruments
it is data tha includes infromation about velocity, frequency, and stuff like that...
it has nothing to do with sound at all.

M1 used sampled waveforms that were shaped in various vaves.
it is like a synth that uses sampled waveforms instead
of basic oscillators.

5.Sebastian 14 Jan 2003 12:43
look, if you record a midi, no matter how good/bad is the instrument were you recorded it from (it can be a midi guitar, a midi keyboard or just the mouse of your pc), the sound you've got is the sound of the soundcard of the computer.

So, the sound of some songs like 'I Want It All' is coming from the Soundcard and the Notator Software, not from the keyboard.
6.Edgar Njari 15 Jan 2003 12:53
Ok in get you now..
but it seems to me that you dont really get what the word MIDI is....
The soundcard on computers has an synthesizer built into it..
cheap soundblaster clones have usually FM synths that sound
like early computer games and some (like mine) have software
synths with samples for playing midi songs.
midi stands for musical instruments digital interface
so midi is NOT A WAY OF CREAING SOUND midi is like
little text messages that say to the instruments
how to do something..i guess you know that

even some analog synths in the 80's have midi support on them
so the midi interface records changes in oscilator frequency,
filter position and everything else..and when recorder it
can be played back through the same instrument for same results
or on some other one.
today's general midi features even the number of the
patch in the bak because every standard midi keyboard has
the same or similar sounds on it..so it is just necesary
to say to the keyboard to play first sound in the baks (001)
and it will play its own piano sound whatever it sounds like.

I got the impression that you think that midi is a way
of synthesiz

here are some of the synthesize technique:

substractive: VCO's DCO's and virtual analog snyths
additive: analog electric organs, digital synths like DX7 or casio cz series

soundcards use sampling and additive synthesis in most cases

but the ALL can be controled by midi

so this computer that played this sounds in the song
must have one of these synthesise techniques.
It was controled with midi but what is its way of
7.Sebastian 15 Jan 2003 23:54
if you have midi, you have the staff, then the soundcard plays it with the sounds of it.

Some synths allow midi, like Roland Jupiter 8, but that midi interface was an addition made later
8.Edgar Njari 16 Jan 2003 11:03
yea but i didnt hear much people playing their music using soundcards...they mostly run
the midi files through keyboards which sound better.
jupiter 8 has no midi by its own,i need midi retrofit,but some old synth have midi
with no modifications those are synths from about 1983 on...like jupiter 6 and oberheim ob-8
then those roland juno's  and ALL the synths from that time on..
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