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LG: Innuendo & Steve Howe23 Dec 2002 11:54

"And then they played me 'Innuendo' and I go, yeah, heavy metal flamingo! And then Brian says, 'Look, I'd like you play on this,' and I said you're joking, it sounds great, leave it like it is, and he said, 'No no no, I want you to play on it, I want to you to play really fast, I want you to run around the guitar a lot.' So within a couple of hours I tested some of his Gibsons, Chet Atkins classical solid body guitars, and found one that I helped balance the strings because he wasn't sure how to balance the volume between the different strings which is the important thing to do on those guitars. So I got up and running, we did a few takes, we edited it a little bit, we fixed up a few things, then we went and had dinner. So we went back to the studio and they said we really really like this and I said fine, let's go with it. So I left very happy."

See you...

1.LG 23 Dec 2002 11:58
And more from:
"John played piano on 'another one bites the dust' (reverse piano) and rhythm guitar"

"I played a sampled bass for the song 'Scandal' for the purposes of sound reinforcement, and the orchestra parts in 'Innuendo' as well as the conga percussion in 'These were the days of our lives'. I would give many arrangement ideas also, the more memorable being the key change verse and chorus in 'The Show Must Go On', and transposing each consecutive melody line and chord in the chorus of 'This Could Be Heaven' creating a rising up effect rather than the more linear idea from Roger's demo."

"Freddie played the keyboards on The Miracle, Was it all Worth it and Innuendo (Korg M1). He played a strong role in the writing of these songs, although they are technically band pieces."

('Innuendo'): "Steve just happened to drop in one day to say hello to me. He had been recording at Mountain some ten years before with the group 'Yes'. As soon as he popped his head round the door Freddie recognized him and said 'come on in and play some guitar'! He had no guitar with him so he used Brian's Dan Armstrong acoustic guitar with a direct output and tone control. Brian played the Rhythm guitar and then echoed the solo afterwards on the Red Special."

Happy Xmass....
2.LG 23 Dec 2002 12:02
And the last one:

"Hangman was written by Fred"

(about 'She Makes Me'): "John played acoustic guitar"

"Somebody to Love was a song that took a very long time to record - and a lot of patience - very exciting though."

"Bowie played a keyboard on under pressure"

('Bring Back That Leroy Brown'): "The 'Jangle' Piano was an old upright piano - the make was Chappel I seem to remember. It means an old fashioned 'saloon or music hall' sound. "

"The Plastic piano on 'Teo' was a cheap sample that was given to the band - a Yamaha I think."
3.Sebastian 23 Dec 2002 14:17
Oh so you received them when I sent them to you months ago, so nice, I thought they hadn't.

Merry christmas
4.LG 23 Dec 2002 15:46
It was from you? I think no-one was subscribed in the mail, so I was unable to credit it then.
Well, nothing new :-)
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