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Sebastian: Vocals21 Dec 2002 03:19
Now, I think we should discuss each subject separately, that way we can easily find questions to be answered in different ways, you know.
1.Sebastian 21 Dec 2002 03:20

Now, about vocals, there have been lots of things never mentioned, so, I'll say one per album by now, tell me if you know about them:

- Queen: Who screams at the beginning of 'Fairy King'? Roger usually screamed a lot ('In The Lap Of The Gods') but this time the scream is brighter, but doesn't seem like Freddie either.
- Queen II: The ending of 'Seven Seas' has never been officially cleared. A lot of internet sites mention theories, but there has been never a proof
- Sheer Heart Attack: not so much to clear, Brian obviously makes all the vocals of 'She Makes Me' and Roger all the vocals on 'Tenement Funster'. I'm curious about the inversion used for 'Killer Queen' (who was on the top voice, who on the middle and who on the bottom). People use to say that it's always Roger, Freddie, Brian, but sometimes it isn't.
- A Night: Besides the all-time '39 discussion, I also think the functions on Death On Two Legs were different. Roger's voice is very ... Roger's, and the top voice on 'Death' doesn't match that description
- A Day: Who makes those voices on 'teo'? It could be Brian or Fred, Fred can sing much lower than Brian, but on the live version Brian does the slave vocal and it sounds pretty similar.
- News: Again I don't know about 'Sleeping'. I got a comment from Brian that confirms the "one take" theory, so it's either Roger or John or somebody of the studio.
- Jazz: The harmonies on 'Don't Stop Me' are tricky in the matter of who sings what part of the harmony. I'd love if there was a song with Brian on the highest voice and Roger on the lowest...
- Game: On 'Crazy' I think there's only Brian and Fred, except for the very end when Roger joins.
- Hot Space: On 'Put Out The Fire' the verse "trust my lover" sounds exactly like Brian. Once Brian said Fred sometimes sang with Brian's exact style and tone, would it be one case?
- The Works: 'Keep Passing The Open Windows', just Fred or all of them? I never knew
- Magic: Who sings 'but a cold wind blows, and a dark rain falls'?, Brian does it live, sounds pretty good, but Fred's voice is similar too
- Miracle: For the title song, all or just Fred again?
- Innuendo: Same for the title song
2.Jason 22 Dec 2002 03:56
careful here...
"Who screams at the beginning of 'Fairy King'?"
     -remember this was a Trident recording--EQ and the room may have affected the sound...
"The ending of 'Seven Seas' has never been officially cleared."
     -does it really matter in this case? it's so hilarious...
"Again I don't know about 'Sleeping'. I got a comment from Brian that confirms the
"one take" theory, so it's either Roger or John or somebody of the studio."
     -open your ears, friend; first it's just Brian, then Brian + Brian, and then Brian + Brian + Brian...

just careful criticism/comments...
3.PD 31 Dec 2002 17:16
Fairy King - intro: it's definitely Roger. No doubt.
Seven Seas - outro: it's something multitracked. Freddie is the only voice I could identify for sure, but others must be involved too. Considering the false singing there is a chance for John participating.
Tenement Funster: the Whoo-whoo harmonies are definitely Roger. The "young and crazy" harmonies are possible to feature others. The false falsetto bit is definitely Roger.
Killa Queen: I've got a feeling that the majority of the harmonies are Freddie. If Roger would have participated, then he would have sung the top line, but the top line sound like Freddie most of the time. Due the bouncing it's hard to tell. Listening to the DVD-A mix may help (I haven't got).
> People use to say that it's always Roger, Freddie, Brian, but sometimes it isn't.
While this was the usual practice on stage, I think it is rarely done exactly this way on the studio records.
Death On Two Legs: Some harmony blocks must be recorded each part sung by more of them, or double (or triple) tracked by Freddie. Roger must be the one who sings the top line in the "insane..." bit close to the end.

4.Sebastian 01 Jan 2003 15:05
Tenement: Sure it's all Roger
Killer: May I suggest that the top line was Fred + Rog in unison?
Death: Probably the same as KQ
5.PD 01 Jan 2003 22:48
First Chorus must be Freddie double (or triple) tracked. The last phrase is maybe single tracked (or just perfectly double-tracked)
Second Chorus: the bottom line must be Brian. The second harmony-line (the one that crosses the lead vocal), I guess it's Roger.
The third chorus must be three of them multiple recorded.

Sidewalk: The "one take" remark must be regarding the basic tracks. My guess is that the harmony vocals are overdubs, and it's all Brian.

Don't Stop Me Now:
0:25: it's a right-middle-left unisono harmony, and I guess that each parts are multitracked or sung by more of them. I have no idea Brian sings harmony there. The bottom line at 1:19 sounds like Freddie. The top line at 1:45 ("explode" - one of my favourite moments) is sung by Roger or Freddie with a fast vibrato that made me suspect it was done via vary-speed.
The break: probably all three of them. I'm not sure.

Crazy Thing: Frankly I have no idea.

Put Out The Fire: Nice observation. I guess the "trust my lover" and "...ution" words are sung by Brian.

Action: who must be the one who sings those low notes (reaching a D for a moment at 0:44)?
Except the low one the harmonies sound like done entirely by Roger.

"Dark rain falls": I think it's Freddie. The way it's sung with a touch of delay (I mean in a rhythmical way) is very Freddieque.

6.Sebastian 02 Jan 2003 14:25
> Second Chorus: the bottom line must be Brian. The second harmony-line (the one that crosses the lead vocal), I guess it's Roger.

I do think the bottom must be Freddie's or Brian + Freddie

Regardin Don't Stop Me, I certainly don't hear Brian there

> Put Out The Fire: Nice observation. I guess the "trust my lover" and "...ution" words are sung by Brian.

That's what I want to believe, and it seems right then

Action: I think Roger does them all, he could go low (Man On Fire is an example, another can be I Wanna Testify, he sounds like David Bowie when he's singing low)

> "Dark rain falls": I think it's Freddie. The way it's sung with a touch of delay (I mean in a
rhythmical way) is very Freddieque.

Then that's a great trivia thing! Fred sings the "dark rain falls" in studio but Brian sings it live, Brian sings "trust my lover" in studio but Fred sings it live

By the way, I have great news:

Yesterday my brother suggested that 'All Dead' is totally Brian's piano style (listen to 'Too Much Love' at the tribute, or 'Dear Friends' or 'Forever'). Then I came up with two new ideas:

- First, I begun to investigate exactly how 'All Dead' is arranged for piano. With expection of the intro and the guitar solo, the arrangement is simple but beautiful: left hand makes arpeggios of the chords (using four notes) and the right hand doubles the melody a little. Then I listened to 'Melancholy Blues' and 'You Take My Breath Away' and they have that! Which means that Freddie did make that one, he was quite experimenting on that matter. Also some parts of 'In Only Seven Days' have got that left hand arpeggios. Well, it's not the #1 Fred's classical piano playing, but another thing I thought is that Freddie woundn't play the piano of his songs the same way he would play the piano of as Brian's song. Somehow on Brian's ballads (like 'Too Much Love') it seems right to make arpeggios on the low strings, while on some of Fred's ballads (like 'Jealousy') the bass-piano is quite right just hitting the chord changes because the right hand makes very beautiful stuff.

- Did Brian actually play Forever? that's what I've always tought, but the other two piano versions of the album (Pain Is So Close, One Year Of Love) were made by Fred (as John confirmed), so why not this last one?
7.PD 03 Jan 2003 19:53
> how 'All Dead' is arranged for piano.
It's a hard nut to crack. The style of the arrangement may simply reflect the style of the song.

> left hand makes arpeggios of the chords (using four notes)
Freddie's left hand usually played octave bass. Sometimes not. I don't know how exactly the two hand shared between the notes. For example the intro of Love Of My Life: it is possible to play it with only one hand. The last one of the four notes you mentioned may be (?) played by the right hand.

> and the right hand doubles the melody a little.
> Then I listened to 'Melancholy Blues' and 'You Take My Breath Away'
> and they have that!
My Melancholy Blues: for certain extent yes, but far not always.
You Take My Breath Away: ditto.
The lead melody is often appears built in the chord-progression. Also in the guitar songs.
Take for example the first phrase of Long Away (Verse). But you can take No One But You as well.
The arpeggio-like lead melody imitation is less frequent. (Don't Stop Me Now: "I'm gonna have myself")

> Also some parts of 'In Only Seven Days' have got that left hand arpeggios.
Yep. But IMO it's not something very special or particularly Freddiesque. I still can't tell you more. I admit I'm just a "once a year" pianist, and couldn't examine their style more closely only through my homemade guitar arrangements. Someone should ask Brian.

> - Did Brian actually play Forever? that's what I've always tought,
That's the common belief that I tend to agree with too.

8.Sebastian 04 Jan 2003 01:48
Analysing further the piano styles, Brian tries to imitate Freddie, that's not a bad thing, everybody has a figure.

The 'News' album was full of specific credits, on Who Needs You it specifies Brian and John played ac. guitars, Brian played maracas, Fred cowbell, on All Dead it's stated that Fred sang with Brian, on Fight it's noted that guitars are Brian + Rog, and vocals and bass are Roger's, also on SHA Roger is credited for bass and rhythm guitars, I mean, if Brian or John had played piano they would be credited for that, that wouldn't make sense that after percussion and guitars were credited separately, pianos weren't. So Freddie must have played all the pianos, including 'Spread', including 'All Dead'.

> The style of the arrangement may simply reflect the style of the

Then that confirms it again. Freddie played it a little Brian-like, because the style of the song fits it. 'Save Me' is a song that I think was recorded the same way it was done live between 79 and 81, the second part of the piano is very Fred's, with octave bass and everything.
9.PD 05 Jan 2003 16:32
Yeah. The album credits make it clear Freddie plays the piano on all records on NOTW.
I don't know how much was Freddie's style affected by Brian's, but I guess, that not much.
10.Sebastian 07 Jan 2003 14:10
I don't think Fred's piano style was affected by Brian, but his guitar style was. At the end of the solo of Brian in Wembley during 'Crazy Little Thing' Fred plays the very last notes with him. On the 'Headlong' video you can see Fred trying to do a solo and the style is totally a Brian imitation

Brian always played in a Fred-way, without knowing it, I guess. On 'No One But You' he tried to do a Fred style but he couldn't, he did it 100% Brianesque, but on other songs (like 'Save Me') he tried to be himself, but turned out to be Freddie
11.BrianMay 15 Mar 2003 11:13
- Queen: The screams are Roger
- Queen II: the outro of Seven Seas is the studio crew and the bandmembers
- Sheer Heart Attack: You're right, it's not always Roger, Freddie, Brian. Freddie would sometimes do the very, very low bit
- A Night At The Opera: what is the question?
- A Day At The Races: It's Brian and Freddie
- News Of The World: I think you misunderstood the "one take" theory. It was indeed recorded  one take. but it has overdubs!
- Hot Space: that line is indeed sung by Brian (another song where another member would sing a short line is Sheer Heart Attack)
- Magic: On the album the line is sung by Freddie, Brian did it live sometimes.
12.PD 15 Mar 2003 20:40
First a note about Love Of My Life intro:
I suspect Freddie play it with one hand. I think because he also uses one hand for the intro of Somebody To Love (source: video of the song)

Sleeping On The Sidewalk: I really don't know how exactly that ONE TAKE was recorded. I suspect they played and recorded the basic tracks simultainously, then they added the overdubs. I suspect that even the lead vocal was recorded in the overdub phase. The harmony vocals were obviously (?) recorded as overdubs, I suppose Brian sung those.

Another song with short line sung by other than Freddie is I Want It All.
13.BrianMay 15 Mar 2003 20:46
In an interview Brian said that the vocals, bass, drums and guitar were a live take.
14.Bohardy 20 May 2003 12:33
I just have to comment on the theory of Fred using one hand to play the intro to LOML.

I'd say he definitely used two hands for that. Being a pianist myself, there's no way I'd ever have thought of playing that intro just with my right hand. I'm not sure how much of it you think he plays with just the one hand - it can certainly be done up until the Bb chord right before the trill - but it's simply easier, and IMO, far more natural to play it with 2 hands.

Playing it with one hand would involve Fred stretching to play the 10ths, something I'm not aware he ever did, and something I feel might be relatively hard for him to do.

Also, when you get the variations and mini-solo around that opening motif later on, it HAD to be played with 2 hands, so in my mind it makes sense to employ that 2 handed technique every time that motif is played, rather than only in the intro.
15.PD 20 May 2003 22:29
Bohardy, I belive you. Last time I sat at the piano (it was last year) and practiced that intro, I too used two hands. But you know, I'm not a pianist, so it's not a strong reference... Yeah the trill suggests too that it's done with two hands.
The Somebody To Love video made me think it could have been made with one hand.
What about Bicycle Race? Recently I wrote that the chorus figures were one handed. Can you confirm it?
16.Bohardy 28 May 2003 13:41
Well, I'm not sure which part of the chorus you mean, but either way it doesn't matter, as the piano part is definitely played with 2 hands. I listened to the Karaoke mix just to make sure, and the chord roots are definitely played with the left hand (probably in octaves, though I wasn't 100% sure) underneath the right hand chords.
17.LG 10 Jun 2004 20:16
On the Czech part of Royal Legend there's a big debate about the line "She was my lover..." in Put Out The Fire. People throws percentages of their theories who sings it, but it's still hard to tell it at 100%.
Any progress in your research guys?
18.Sebastian 11 Jun 2004 12:12
To sum up and "conclude" some points:


Many harmonies in the album versions sound Queen-esque (i.e. Brian + Roger + Freddie) but are only Freddie. Concrete examples are:

- Keep Yourself Alive Chorus (Queen I Version): Listening to the karaoke version it`s clearly a three-part of Freddie`s. The album take has the diversion of the lead vocal and I can`t get to concentrate enough to pick individual voices in the harmony, but in the karaoke one it`s preety obvious

- Killer Queen: Listening to the DTS channels, the harmony in the chorus (except for "pa pa pa pa") is four-part and all of the voices are Freddie (check my website). Interesting falsetto in the highest one. I`ll have to start "collecting" a little, since bootlegs can be a good source for comparing. In one perfromance somewhen in 1975 Brian (and John) missed the "anytime" part so you just hear Roger, and it`s then so easy to put the file in my website so I can prove that they sound very different.

- Bohemian Rhapsody: The "Scaramouche" part is all Freddie, in three-part. The "thunderbolt" part sounds like all of them combined when you listen to the stereo cut. When Brian put the separate parts all of them were double/triple tracked Fred (although Brian himself didn`t recognise him and thought it was Roger, Fred and himself in the top line). But in the whole bounce you can note that the four Freddie`s singing the top note were edited out, leaving just one Roger in that part. So perhaps in the bounce there are more takes of the others in the other parts...

- We Are The Champions


Examples of change of positions:

- Doin` All Right ("chorus"): In the album, Fred sings the top note (in falsetto), Roger sings the lead part (head voice), and Brian sings the low part. On stage Roger and Freddie switched. In the "ah ah ah" before the last verse Brian switched with Fred and the functions were Roger - Brian - Freddie

- Fat Bottomed Girls: The sound is very rich and very Queen-esque, in spite of not having Roger. The choruses (except the intro) are Brian (!) in the lead voice (the top one), and Freddie in harmony. Live they switched and added a higher voice by Roger.


More interesting changes live:

- Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon: Roger sings a high harmony in falsetto, very Roger-esque

- Don`t Stop Me: In Japan `79 Fred was with a kind of flu or something, in some parts of this song he shut up and Roger took the lead vocal. Awesomely

- Staying Power: Great harmonies by Roger and Brian (instead of just three Freddie`s as in the studio). Roger sang with a powerful natural voice, instead of the falsettos we`re used to most of time

- We Are The Champions: Brian took the lead (unison with the others maybe but his mic had much higher volume) in the choruses the night of Fred`s flue, and sounded fantastic. A good proof that he didn`t participate in the studio cut because the timbre doesn`t match at all.



Brian`s style was very different to Fred indeed. Noticeable differences: Brian "got emotional" in some bits and "hit" the keys or changed tempo abruptly. Fred was almost like a machine in the matter that he mantained constant tempo and precision, even without metronome. My own style is way more similar to Brian

Bicycle: Judging by the live video, I think he plays with both hands, but left only marks the "one per bar bass" in octaves, nothing special. Same as `White Queen`

Love Of My Life: I wish they had filmed Fred recording that backing track, it would have been so great.
19.Agogobell 30 Jul 2012 01:15
Bring Back Leroy Brown, if you speed it up to the fastest it is possible to sing clearly to, the "gotta bring back leroy brown" low, low part is clearly Freddie, with his lowest note on record, which is an Eflat2. Even lower than All God's People (E2): you can't really sing clearly any faster than that, so they probably recorded it at that speed, which means Freddie did sing an E flat 2.
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