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woody: Queens Colours and images15 Sep 2005 23:37
Well, other than what the lyrics paint in your head, what colours and images do you get from the music?

The Untitled track creates this snowy landscape in my mind, probably after A Winters Tale (a lovely song, just amazing). And in this snowy landscape, there is no disturbance, its like when you wake up early to snow (which happens rarely over here in England), and there are no footprints or tyre tracks, and you just see this snow.

But then something appears at the window when those wierd wooden things clash, and it scares the crap out of you, but then it disappears. (like the alien in Signs when it goes past the window)

the you sit there as the music gets tense and you feel that whatever it was (you are still undecided on what it was) is going to appear again. Then you get this idea that it was Freddie, or Freddie knows (the laughter bit), and he will never tell you, due to the fact he isnt there.

The dramatic synth between these is like this vision you have that you cant believe, and you fell shocked (I think Brian may made this a vision of Freddie, and how Freddie could just appear and say something to him, and to Freddie it would be normal, but to Bri, hed be shocked and confused, and thne realises, but we dont)

At the end, with the crazy synth, we feel great about life, the sun appears and all is calm and like an oxymoron, (sunny and freezing), everyhting is 'fab'

Sorry if I lost you, but I lost myself in there, I almost had a tear in my eye.

I hope you feel you can see what I mean.
1.woody 22 Sep 2005 17:38

You can talk about other songs that give such effects........TALK!!!! :D
2.woody 05 Dec 2005 17:21
Well fine I will talk to myself

White Queen
contains every colour under the sun, it starts off mixing purple and green for me. The acoustic solo brings in a smooth creams etting, and it ends on white, a mixture of all the colours. It is a great song man. The imagery is given in the psychedelic lyrics.

Some Day One Day
is more yellow and orange, but takes me to a land of blue and green. The landscape i picture is of this lovely rural village over here, and i see children playing, and everyone laughing, kinda like A Winters tale but without the snow. this is not meant to be what is created, but it happens to me.

I will stop there and wait for you guys to tell me :)
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