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woody: The Darkness...08 Jun 2004 21:39
This would be a good thing to discuss. Question... Do you think the darkness are copying Queen?
I think they are in every sense, catsuits, glamour, style e.t.c., but queen will always come out as the best...ALWAYS!!!
1.Mikki 09 Jun 2004 00:01
i agree. i dont mind the darkness but i think thats only coz wen i listen to their music their riffs sound very familiar to Queen's stuff. and i think that Queen r the best and i agree that they will always come out on top coz they were a band that were new and revolutionised music and that, whereas with the darkness, we've seen it all before!!
2.Tea Of Deaky 16 Jun 2004 23:40
Yup, this one's banging around the rock circuit at the mo - The Darkness are rather unafraid to express their admiration for Queen, and they know as well as we do that they're highly influenced by them. There was an article in Mojo a few months ago which discussed this which said exactly that and that Roger and Brian were perfectly happy with The Darkness' present stance etc., as well. Justin Hawkins is, in character, is remarkably Freddie-esque, but I think he knows that to infringe on Freddie as a person would make him rather unpopular. Another thing is, although the groups' riffs are in some cases similar, wouldn't you agree that The Darkness' ones are somewhat...simplistic? I'd maybe suggest that they're copying Queen only in certain ways, and that the musical style they're portraying is nevertheless their own. I think The Darkness are more individual as a band than many people think, even though they have not revolutionised the music scene with what they have produced so far.
3.woody 03 Jul 2004 22:40
Yer, I agree with Tea Of Deaky, I also read the article in 'mojo,' (may I just express that Bohemiam Rhapsody reached number one in their poll and Barcelona was also in there somewhere!), and their riffs are very simplistic, just power chords over and over again, whereas Queen did not use them so much. Much of rock music today is dominated with power chords because they give a heavier affect than normal major chords, perhaps guitarists are becoming less talented these days... The Darkness are very glad that they are being compared to such a talented and great band, but everyone knows that they will not reach the level that Queen reached.
4.Tea Of Deaky 12 Jul 2004 20:33
Ya too true (hey woody you said you were 13 sometime ago, I'm 14 whahey!) damn The Darkness. Talking of guitarists getting less talented, I think it's almost reached the point where the guitarists don't play the guitar, the computer does. Take Busted, for instance. 3 members, 3 guitars, one guitarist. Strange that they all play guitar? Well one of them can play almost 10 chords! Wow! Far surplus to requirements since their songs only involve two...never mind, where was I...oh yes, computer guitarists, wow they're everywhere - I'd like to know if people like HIM and AFI and other intersting souls play their own music...hey what do you lot think of people like that? Dare I say it but HIM are rather good...eek...
5.woody 04 Aug 2004 19:23
Hey, I turned 14 a phew months back (whahey), but that doesnt matter, anyway you dare say it!
Its good to know what people think about such bands and stuff, but there hasnt been any support for The Darkness (Thank God) yet!!! I would just like to know what the craze is. I liked them for a maximum of two months, then they got really boring, and all their songs had basically the same riffs and bridges (especially I believe..., and Growing on me..)
6.Tea Of Deaky 06 Aug 2004 03:41
Splendido, yeah they seem to have disappeared somewhat now too. Well can't think of a better thing to start a craze for ;-) I've just seen We Will Rock You in London, damn fine EVERYONE GO SEE IT. The plot's kinda pathetic but it certainly does Queen's music justice - mainly because Rog and Brian arranged it all. Spike Edney's on keyboards which was cool. I'm 99% sure he did additional piano at Wembley so he's worth going to hear. You can see the band at the side of the stage if you're in good seats. If any of you are going, book row F or G and seat numbers 15 to 20ish, seems to work best. You will be rocked, but not by the guy who plays Galileo (or Galileo Jiggolo...)
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