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PD: The Golden Boy - chords02 May 2004 06:31

This one is from Erik S.

Freddie Mercury & Monserrat Caballe: The Golden Boy

C5  C5  C/E  Fm C7/G  Fm/Ab  Bbm  Bbm7/Ab  F#maj7   Ebm  F#m6/A  Fm7-5  Ddim

Bbm7-5   E6   Bb   Bb7/Ab  Ebm  Ebsus2/F  Ebm/F#   Eb7/G

Abm     Abm/Gb  Emaj7  F#/E  F#m/A   F#sus2/Ab   Ab

C5                                         C/E  
The boy had a way with words, he sang, he moved with grace

                  Fm              C7/G
He entertained so  naturally,  no  gesture out of place

    Fm/Ab            Bbm                      Bbm7 /Ab
His road in life was clearly drawn, he didn't hesitate

  Ebm          F#m6/A    Fm7-5     Ddim     Bbm7-5  E6       Bb  Bb7/Ab        
He played, they  saw,  he conquered  as  the  ma........ster  of........,

      Ebm   Ebsus2/F     Ebm/F#  Eb7/G
as the master  of   his   fate.........

Abm                  Abm/Gb  Emaj7             F#/E
The girl had an iron soul    no-one could recognize

  H/Eb       H/E           H/F#          Eb7/G
Material ambition that her gentleness disguised

    Abm             Abm/Gb  Emaj7          F#/E
She gave herself to him     certain of his fame

F#m/A                     F#sus2/Ab          Ab
Wanted him for luxury for limelight and his name

          Bbm7/Ab   Ab7
And then he sang  to her...

Verse 1:
  C#       A        C#          A#m      D#m  Ab7  C#
I love you for your silence, I love you  for  your peace

C#            C#maj7  C#7   F#           F#m
The still and calm        releases, that sweep into my soul

C#           C    Ab7    C#
That slowly take    control.

I love you for your passion, I love you for your fire
The violent desire, that burns me in it's flame
A love I dare not name.

His rise was irresistible - yeah, he grew into the part
His explanation simply that he suffered for his art
No base considerations of some glittering reward
The prize was knowing that (his work) his work was noticed and adored.

I love you (yes I love you) for your silence (for your silence)
I love you for your peace
The still and calm releases, that sweep into my soul
And slowly slowly takes control.

C#                  Bbm7     Ab7/Eb     C#
He told the truth,  yes,  he  told  the truth (and he told the truth)

Accepting every honour with (with) a masterly display (display)
Of well rehearsed reluctance to be singled out this way
He started to believe that he was all they said and more (and more)
She forgot - she forgot the reasons (reasons) she had wanted him before - yeah.

I love you for your passion (for your passion)
I love you for your fire
The violent desire, burns me in it's flame (burns me)
A love I dare I dare not name.

C#            C#7    F#  
The still and calm releases (releases)

That sweep into my soul (sweep into my soul)

That slowly (slowly) slowly (slowly) slowly (slowly)

                                                  G#7         F#  F#/E  F#/D#  F#/D  C#
slowly (slowly) slowly (slowly) slowly (slowly) slowly take control.

C5                                        C/E
    And when at last they fell apart she wished that she could be

                      Fm             C7/G
The hardened heart of yesterday, as cynical as he

  Fm/Ab            Bbm    Bbm7/Ab                         F#maj7
By changing for the better         she had changed things   for   the worse
    Ebm       F#m6/A       Fm7-5  Ddim     Bbm7-5 E6   Bb Bb7/Ab
The words that made   them happy  once now e...........choed ...

Ebm    Ebsus2/F  Ebm/F#  Eb7/G
echoed  as a     curse........

Abm    Abm/Gb  Emaj7  F#/E  F#m/A   F#sus2/Ab   Ab   (Ab9)

In the verses where is no chodrs written, it should be played the same chords as in the verse 1.
Transcribed by Erik Suominen, 2004

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