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woody: The Perfect Queen Album02 Oct 2005 19:41
The world is coming to an end, and you have the chance to flee, and take music with you, but when it comes to Queen...what would you do? Well, you'll have to make a CD....

BUT, you can only have 15 tracks

which songs would you put on it? this will be the only thing you can take of Queen
1.LG 04 Oct 2005 16:49
It is not easy to say. I have problems to choose my Top5, because my favorites vary depending on time and mood and whatever.

At first I would put on three long-gems:

1 - The Prophet's Song
2 - Bohemian Rhapsody
3 - Innuendo

Then some happy songs:

4 - Seaside Renezvous
5 - Lazzing On A Sunday Afternoon

For the journey :)
6 - Spread Your Wings
7 - I'm In Love With My Car
8 - Ride The Wild Wind

For Melancholy
9 - These Are The Days Of Our Lives

It's hard to choose, the rest would be
10 - Brighton Rock
11 - Long Away
12 - Let Me Entertain You
13 - Need Your Loving Tonight
14 - Heaven For Everyone
15 - The Show Must Go On

2.Daniel 01 Nov 2005 03:47
1  You and I
2  See What a Fool I've Been
3  Brighton Rock
4  White Queen (As It Began)
5  Dead on Time  
6  Rain Must Fall
7  Dreamers Ball
8  Bring Back That Leroy Brown
9 '39
10 Misfire
11 It's Late
12 Need Your Loving Tonight
13 Cool Cat
14 The March of the Black Queen
15 My Melancholy Blues
3.woody 05 Dec 2005 16:27
Ooh I forgot about this one, hmm let me think, well not in any order:

The Prophet's Song
Bohemiam Rhapsody
March Of The Black Queen
Some Day One Day
White Queen (As It Began)
The Night Comes Down
My Fairy King
Its A Beautiful Day
Its A Beautiful Day (Reprise)
All Dead All Dead
Brighton Rock (Live Killers)
The Show Must Go On.
4.duke 04 Feb 2006 13:24
really hard to choose, yes .. because they will vary depending on mood or whatever.
but, when it comes to make a 'private queen' for my own, i mean, it *could be different*
from another cd compilation as i found in store. so i already have one as follow:
- let me live
- all dead all dead
- only in seven days
- '39
- dragon attack
- need u'r loving tonight
- sleeping on the sidewalk
- who needs you
- cool cat
- dreamers ball
- melancholy's blues
- sail away sweet sister
- soul brother
- you take my breath away
- dear friend

5.Erik 06 Feb 2006 15:18
Chinese Torture
Great King Rat
My Fairy King
Staying Power
March Of The Black Queen
I Was Born To Love You
Bohemian Rhapsody
The Show Must Go On
6.Peelmaster 09 Aug 2006 18:50
1  Death On Two Legs
2  Great King Rat
3  Don't Lose Your Head
4  Radio Ga Ga
5  She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos)
6  You Don't Fool Me
7  Misfire
8  Innuendo
9  Don't Try So Hard
10 Misfire
11 You Take My Breath Away
12 Princes Of The Universe
13 Ogre Battle
14 Brighton Rock
15 Was It All Worth It

I like the last three ;)
7.Ostrowski 24 Aug 2006 04:03

In no real order
2.Stone Cold Crazy
3.Bohemian Rhapsody
4.Tie Your Mother Down
5.You and I
6.It's Late
7.Fight From The Inside
8.Fat Bottomed Girls
9.Dead On Time
10.Another One Bites The Dust
11.Some Day One day
12.Tear It Up
13.Hammer To Fall
14.I Want It All
15. One Vision
8.Michal Cybulski 13 Sep 2006 16:51
bohemian rhapsody
the show must go on
we are the champions
we will rock you
these are the days of our lives
somebody to love
who wants to live forever
i want to break free
another one bites the dust
love of my life
a kind of magic
stone cold crazy
save me
tie your mother down
radio gaga
9.Deacon 17 Jul 2009 10:27

well i wud choose 1 from each studio album:

Queen- Keep Yourself Alive

Queen II- Seven Seas of Rhye

Sheer Heart Attack- Now Im Here

A Night at the Opera- Death on 2 legs

A Day at the Races- You and I

News of the World- either Spread Your Wings or It's Late (i cant decide)

Jazz- Mustapha

The Game- again undecided between Save Me and Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Flash Gordon- Flash theme

Hot Space- Under Pressure

The Works- Hammer to Fall

It''s a Kind of Magic- Princes of the Universe

The Miracle- Breakthru

Innuendo- Show Must Go On

Made in Heaven- Too Much Love Will Kill You

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10.Agogobell 26 Jun 2012 18:29
How about a perfect album to listen to?

1: Liar
2: FotW > LotV
3: Prophet
4: Action This Day
6: My Fairy King
7: Great King Rat > Mad The Swine (if the segue exists)
8: Innuendo
9: Dragon Attack
10: Save Me
11: The Night Comes Down
12: You Don't Fool Me
13: A Winter's Tale
14: Headlong
15: Teo > Tie Your Mother Down (blending the two identical harmonium things)
16: Radio Ga Ga
17: Cool Cat
19: Nevermore
20: Mother Love

If I had to do 15, I would take out Mother Love, Action This Day, Prophet's, Liar, and Innuendo.

Post was edited on 26 Jun 2012 18:44
11.Sebastian 27 Jun 2012 11:31
 1. Death on Two Legs.
2. Lazing on a Sunday Afernoon.
3. I'm in Love with My Car.
4. You're My Best Friend.
5. '39
6. Sweet Lady.
7. Seaside Rendezvous.
8. The Prophet's Song.
9. Love of My Life.
10. Good Company.
11. Bohemian Rhapsody.
12. God Save the Queen.

A perfect album isn't, IMO, a collection of the absolute best songs, as that's not the most important factor. A football team with 11 Zidane's doesn't work as well as one with one Zidane, one Del Piero, one Jugovic, one Boksic, one Di Livio ... (I'm thinking Juventus '96 indeed). I personally love listening to songs that belong to the same era, were most likely fruits of the same sessions, with the same producers, engineers, studios, equipment, and with their authors and performers going through the same moment.

That's simply my perspective on the matter and I won't, can't and don't want to persuade anybody else to think like I do, just like it wouldn't make sense for anybody else to try to convince me into thinking like them.
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